Apple Pulls White-Power Music From the iTunes Store

Apple just scrubbed the iTunes Store of any music that contained racial supremacy-themed messages. According to Rolling Stone, the action comes following criticism from the…
Rachel Brodsky / December 15, 2014

Apple Hit With Lawsuit for Deleting Competitors’ Music Off of Users’ iPods

Though Apple has recently faced heat for forcing music into peoples' iTunes, the tech giant now finds itself tackling a lawsuit for deleting users' songs without informing…
James Grebey / December 4, 2014

Musicians Earn More From Spotify Than From iTunes in Some Markets

Taylor Swift may've recently decided that she doesn't need Spotify, but artists in some markets are reportedly earning more from Spotify's streaming royalties than they…
James Grebey / November 5, 2014

Apple Reportedly to Fold Beats Music Into iTunes

It looks like Apple is going to follow through on rumors that it would be drastically revamping the recently acquired Beats Music in light of plummeting music…
James Grebey / October 27, 2014

Apple’s iTunes Radio Isn’t the iPod of Streaming Music, But It’ll Do

Five hundred seventy-five million. That's the number of estimated Apple iTunes customers wordwide. It also might the most important idea to keep in mind when…
Marc Hogan / September 19, 2013

Pandora Wins Court Case, Overhauls iPad App in the Face of iTunes Radio

On the same day Apple launches its Pandora-like iTunes Radio service, the existing Pandora has plenty to celebrate. The streaming music provider has notched a courtroom victory in the…
Marc Hogan / September 18, 2013

‘Pure Dose of Awesomeness’: Apple’s iTunes Radio Launches Next Week

At last, Apple's iTunes Radio music streaming service has a firm release date. The Pandora-like service, offering customizable radio stations but not on-demand listening, will…
Marc Hogan / September 10, 2013

Apple’s iTunes Radio Could Be Here Next Month Thanks to McDonald’s

After months of chatter, Apple will finally enter the music streaming business next month, Ad Age reports, citing sources familiar with the company's advertising negotiations.
Marc Hogan / August 21, 2013

Live Music Can’t Escape the Digital App-ocalypse

The music listening experience, for all but a handful of vinyl stalwarts and cassette label junkies, has become fully digital. Spotify, Pandora, and iTunes provide…
Adam K. Raymond / August 20, 2013

Five Artists Who Still Say No to Streaming

With Pink Floyd bowing before the beast this week and allowing Spotify to stream its music, one of the biggest digital-music holdouts has finally relented.
Adam K. Raymond / June 20, 2013

Will Anybody Leave Spotify for iTunes Radio?

Earlier this week, Apple announced its egregiously late entrance into the music-streaming business with iTunes Radio, a service that builds custom radio stations around an…
Adam K. Raymond / June 13, 2013

Apple’s Music Streaming Service Could Arrive Next Week

Apple could have its very own streaming service as soon as next week. The New York Times reports that the technology giant is pushing hard…
Kyle McGovern / June 3, 2013

Big Apple: 10 Years of iTunes

How fast they grow. On today, Sunday, April 28, Apple's iTunes Music Store celebrates its tenth year of existence. If you can, think back to…
Kyle McGovern / April 28, 2013

Streaming Services Really Are Saving the Music Industry, Global Sales Prove

Here's something you don't read every day (and certainly not in the last 13 years): The music industry's global revenue increased in 2012. According to…
Kyle McGovern / February 27, 2013

iTunes’ 25 Billionth Song Sold Is Something Called ‘Monkey Drums’

Remember where you were when you learned that iTunes had sold its 25 billionth song. We found out today (February 6), via a press release, that…
Kyle McGovern / February 6, 2013

Down By Law: The Year Downloading Took a Dive

In the early dawn hours of January 20, 2012, in a small village on the outskirts of Auckland, New Zealand, heavily armed police (with help…
David Peisner / December 14, 2012

Is an iTunes Revamp On the Way? Let’s Hope So

The latest Apple rumor making the rounds is that iTunes is getting a major overhaul before the end of 2012. If that's true, it's not…
Dan Ackerman and Libe Goad / July 12, 2012

How iTunes and Amazon Were Scammed Out of $1.2 Million By Online Gang

Eleven twenty-somethings in the U.K. were recently arrested in what can only be described as a plot Hollywood producers will be scrambling to acquire: Five…
Devon Maloney / March 30, 2012

U2, Eminem, Gaga & 35 More on Japan Benefit Album

Nearly 40 A-list artists have contributed tracks to a new compilation meant to benefit victims of Japan's tsunami. Available now for $9.99 via iTunes, Songs…
Peter Gaston / March 25, 2011

Faking the Band

Anonymous message board postings aren't exactly a reliable barometer of public opinion, but anyone who logged on to iTunes on August 24 to buy the…
David Peisner / October 21, 2008