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Drake Takes Shots at Hot 97 By Calling His Summer Sixteen Concert the ‘Real Summer Jam’

How could Drake end his four-night stand at Madison Square Garden without sending a parting shot at recent foe Hot 97? The 6 God ended his…
Brian Josephs / August 9, 2016

Did Drake Actually Say ‘F**k Hot 97’ in Madison Square Garden Show?

In Frank Ocean's conspicuous absence, Drake was responsible for Thursday night's biggest headline when he bluntly dissed Hot 97 radio fixture Funkmaster Flex. To add…
Brian Josephs / August 5, 2016

Mister Cee, Veteran Hot 97 DJ, Resigns Amid Latest Transgender Prostitution Scandal

Hip-hop legend Mister Cee — who DJed for Big Daddy Kane and helped discover Notorious B.I.G. — resigned from New York City's Hot 97 Wednesday…
Jordan Sargent / September 11, 2013