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Rapper N’FA to Release Heath Ledger-Directed Video

Heath Ledger's final creative act is now available for purchase. A music video for "Cause an Effect," by London-based, Australian-born rapper N'FA, can be downloaded…
Peter Gaston / July 12, 2010

WATCH: Heath Ledger-Directed Hip-Hop Video

In the years before Heath Ledger's untimely death in January 2008, the Dark Knight actor was becoming more and more entwined with music: directing a…
William Goodman / October 29, 2009

VIDEO: Heath Ledger’s Final Film Features Tom Waits

The final installment in Heath Ledger's engrossing career, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, won't make it to U.S. theatres until Christmas, but you can score…
Daniel Cook / August 11, 2009

WATCH: Heath Ledger-Directed Video Released by Modest Mouse

Modest Mouse have premiered the Heath Ledger-directed video for their track "King Rat" to coincide with today's release of the band's new EP, No One's…
Anna Hyclak / August 4, 2009

Modest Mouse to Release Heath Ledger Video

Modest Mouse plans to release the music video actor Heath Ledger directed before his death in January 2008, the band's spokesperson tells SPIN.com. The Dark…
William Goodman / March 13, 2009