Grant Hart

Husker Dos and Don’ts: Grant Hart’s Secrets to Success

Even as Hüsker Dü started to crumble around him in the late '80s, one could never accuse Grant Hart of lacking ambition. Alongside fellow Hüskers Bob…
Colin Joyce / July 22, 2013

Preview Husker Dude Grant Hart’s ‘The Argument,’ an Album About the Fall of Man

Hüsker Dü co-founder Grant Hart will release a new solo album, The Argument, on July 22 via Domino Records. The double album will feature 20 songs…
Chris Martins / May 9, 2013

Grant Hart, ‘Hot Wax’ (Con D’Or/MVD)

Hüsker Dü's former drummer has always bared his soul by peering into others'. What he finds on his first album in ten years isn't pretty:…
Barry Walters / October 6, 2009