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2NE1 ‘Crush’ New Album With Eye-Popping Video Twofer

Last week, 2NE1 released their second album in almost three and a half years, Crush, and now they've released a pair of head-spinningly hyperkinetic videos…
Marc Hogan / March 3, 2014

Californi-K-tion: K-Pop Museum Beams Holograms Into Hollywood

Decades from now, when your grandchild begins to discover music on their own and asks, "What's a K-pop?," you'll be able to direct him to…
SPIN Staff / August 9, 2013

Seoul Trained: Inside Korea’s Pop Factory

You would never guess that this is where they live. Lisa Jo is casually pointing to it from her office just across the street: a…
David Bevan / March 26, 2012

Watch K-Pop Superstars Girls’ Generation’s American TV Debut

When we first heard that Girls' Generation were scheduled to appear on both Live! with Kelly (that should be happening any moment now actually, set…
David Bevan / February 1, 2012