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Ghostface Killah Wrote a Song About Vaping, You Guys

Ghostface Killah, the purveyor of a line of vaping accouterment and an otherwise respectable rapper, has shared a new song that's also an ad for…
James Grebey / February 17, 2016

Ghostface Killah and DOOM Release Twitchy DOOMSTARKS Track, ‘Lively Hood’

Ghostface Killah and DOOM have released a track for the Adult Swim Singles program under their DOOMSTARKS moniker. Produced by DOOM, "Lively Hood" is only…
Rachel Brodsky / September 14, 2015

Ghostface Killah to Action Bronson: “Who Gives You the Right to Even Mention My Name?”

Update 7/21/15: Ghostface Killah is not about to let bygones be bygones. Revolt caught up with Ghostface and asked if he accepted Action Bronson's apology. Ghostface gave…
James Grebey / July 20, 2015

Review: Ghostface Killah Surpasses Lowered Standards on ‘Twelve Reasons to Die II’

If Ghostface isn't the greatest rapper of all time — and he might be — he's at least the most detailed: Fishscale’s "Shakey Dog" cycles through most…
Dan Weiss / July 14, 2015

Drake, New Pornographers, Viet Cong, and More Named on Polaris Prize Long List

Are there more "Trophies" in Drake's near future? Prominent Canadian music award Polaris Music Prize has announced its long list on Twitter today, and the…
Colin Joyce / June 16, 2015

Ghostface Killah Announces ‘Twelve Reasons to Die II,’ Shares New Track ‘Return of the Savage’

Wu-Tang MVP Ghostface Killah (who's all over our Best 300 Albums list) released a comic book-based concept album in 2013 called Twelve Reasons to Die, a Western-esque…
Rachel Brodsky / May 18, 2015

The 300 Best Albums of the Past 30 Years (1985-2014)

SPIN hit a milestone this year: our 30th birthday. To celebrate, we caught up with some of the artists behind our past picks for Album…
SPIN Staff / May 11, 2015

Coachella 2015 Day One: Steely Dan’s 13-Piece Band, Tame Impala’s Fuzz Bombs, and More

Thirteen-year Coachella veteran Chris Martins and trusty photographer Wilson Lee hit the Southern California desert to document Coachella 2015. Day One begins...
Chris Martins / April 11, 2015

Ghostface Killah Laments How ‘Love Don’t Live Here No More’ on ‘Tonight Show’

Ghostface Killah visited The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night for a soulful performance of his 36 Seasons cut, "Love Don't Live Here No More."
James Grebey / January 9, 2015

The 40 Best Hip-Hop Albums of 2014

Purists and casual listeners alike would probably agree that 2014 failed to deliver on a number of hip-hop promises that could've lit the year aflame.
SPIN Staff / December 12, 2014

Review: Ghostface Killah’s ’36 Seasons’ Is Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

About halfway through 36 Seasons, Ghostface Killah gets his face burned off in a crack lab explosion ("Threw him twenty feet in the air," associate…
Theon Weber / December 8, 2014

Ghostface Killah Streams ’36 Seasons’ in Full

A few days ahead of its December 9 release, Wu-Tang staple Ghostface Killah is streaming his forthcoming record, 36 Seasons, in full over at NPR.
Rachel Brodsky / December 1, 2014

Ghostface Killah Promises ‘Blood in the Streets’ In Latest ’36 Seasons’ Cut

Hot on the heels of "The Battlefield" and "Double Cross," Ghostface Killah shared yet another track off of his upcoming solo record, 36 Seasons. The latest song,…
James Grebey / November 24, 2014

Q&A: Ghostface Killah Talks Ambitious New Concept Album ’36 Seasons’

Rap legend and Wu-Tang Clan MVP Ghostface Killah is one of the most consistent rappers of the last two decades, peaking in the 2000s on…
Dan Weiss / November 24, 2014

Ghostface Killah and AZ Narrate Crime Life on ‘Double Cross’

Self-appointed superhero Ghostface Killah has unveiled another track from his soon-to-be-released concept disc, 36 Seasons. Following the brooding "Love Don’t Live Here No More" and…
Rachel Brodsky / November 20, 2014

Ghostface Killah Enters ‘The Battlefield’ With Kool G Rap, AZ, and Tre Williams

Days after releasing the heartbroken "Love Don't Live Here No More," Ghostface Killah truly sounds like a superhero gunning for revenge on "The Battlefield," his…
Rachel Brodsky / November 17, 2014

SPIN Singles Mix: Sexified Nick Jonas, Heartbroken Ghostface Killah, and More

Welcome to SPIN's Singles Mix! Every week SPIN's staff writers pick their favorite, must-hear tracks for your mid-week playlists. From grief-stricken rap to funkified post-wave…
SPIN Staff / November 12, 2014

Ghostface Killah Ushers in New Solo Album, ’36 Seasons’

Next month, Wu-Tang legend Ghostface Killah will release his new solo album, 36 Seasons, featuring the jazzy and surprisingly heartbreaking lead single, "Love Don't Live Here…
Brennan Carley / November 11, 2014

Ghostface Killah Loses Legal Battle Over ‘Iron Man’ Theme Song

Iron Man has been involved in a lot of epic battles recently, fighting Loki and the Mandarin on the big screen, but the superhero was also…
James Grebey / November 10, 2014

New Father Convinces Internet He Named Twin Boys ‘Raekwon’ and ‘Ghostface’

On Father's Day, a new dad took to Twitter to announce the birth of his two beautiful baby boys. Cute children aside, it all would…
Colin Joyce / June 16, 2014
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