Everclear’s Art Alexakis: ”Sparkle and Fade’ Was My Escape Route’

Art Alexakis is nursing a broken foot. Sustained "trying to dodge somebody in a doorway — I didn’t want to trip over them and I tripped…
Rachel Brodsky / June 11, 2015

Everclear Pull a U2, Partner With Windows 10 for Intrusive Album Release

If people loved getting a free, difficult-to-delete U2 album automatically on their iPhone 6, they're gonna friggin' plotz over automatically receiving the new LP from…
Andrew Unterberger / October 3, 2014

Everclear Continue to Bleed ’90s Nostalgia With Summerland 2013 Tour

Art Alexakis promised to buy you a new life way back in 1997, but the Everclear frontman can't stop looking backward.
Kyle McGovern / March 25, 2013