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Hannibal Buress Matriculated to Ludacris and Admires Eminem’s Fitness

"You know who's an underrated actor? T.I. He was really good in ATL," Hannibal Buress tells SPIN over the phone from a Vegas hotel room. The notoriously deadpan…
Harley Brown / February 2, 2016

Watch Every Episode of ‘The Eric Andre Show’ for Free

Adult Swim is offering fans and the high-curious the chance to stream every single episode of The Eric André Show — that's two seasons and…
Chris Martins / March 20, 2014

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Our November iPad issue explores the current collision between music and contemporary art — Lady Gaga going over the moon for Koons, Jay Z rapping…
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YACHT and Eric Andre Advocate for ‘Medical Crystal Meth’ in ‘Dr. MDMA, M.D.’ Mixtape

Gonzo comic and Adult Swim television host Eric Andre has teamed up with DFA disco revisionists YACHT to create a 48-minute mixtape chock full of…
Chris Martins / July 12, 2013

30 Must-See Acts at Bonnaroo 2013

Once again, Bonnaroo has returned to bring good vibes, loud tunes, and environmentally responsible fun to the dusty and/or muddy expanses of Manchester, Tennessee. Here…
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‘The Eric Andre Show’: How an Unemployed Stand-Up Made the Weirdest Show on TV

Full-contact comedian Eric Andre might be the most post-everything funnyman in history. By combining the home-brewed humanity of Fernwood 2 Night, the surrealist Möbius strips…
Christopher R. Weingarten / August 10, 2012