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El Guincho Appreciates the Finer Things In Life on ‘Michael Dior’ Mixtape

For his first album in six years, HiperAsia, Spanish pop erupter El Guincho sought inspiration in the cramped, crazy aisles of the Chinese dollar store after which…
Harley Brown / March 25, 2016

El Guincho Isn’t Worried About Disappointing You

Pablo Díaz-Reixa has always operated in his own universe, and when it comes to the off-kilter pop music he makes as El Guincho, that's largely…
Shawn Reynaldo / February 11, 2016

Dance Tracks of the Week: El Guincho Joins John Talabot’s Hivern Label as Tranc.es

Tranc.es, Tranc.es 4&5 (Hivern Disc) From John Talabot's Hivern Disc label comes a new act named Tranc.es, making not trance but choppy, cut-and-paste house music…
Philip Sherburne / February 6, 2014

New Albums from Weezer, Robert Plant & 26 More!

Here's a rundown of the best and worst albums available online and in record stores today:…
SPIN Staff / September 14, 2010

El Guincho, ‘Pop Negro’ (XL)

While autumnal light now means shorter days, inside the music of Spanish producer Pablo Díaz-Reixa, there's always plenty of Vitamin D. The follow-up to 2008's…
SPIN Staff / September 1, 2010


What? Recording as El Guincho, Pablo Díaz-Reixa crafted drum-heavy, carnival-esque sounds on Alegranza (No. 33 on our 40 Best Albums of 2008 list). While that…
Larry Fitzmaurice / December 17, 2008