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Kesha Pushes for Injunction Allowing Her to Record Music Without Dr. Luke

A month after Kesha’s attorney said her inability to make new music due to her ongoing legal battle with Dr. Luke was “plummeting her career…
James Grebey / October 30, 2015

Kesha Says Legal Battle With Dr. Luke Is ‘Plummeting Her Career Past the Point of No Return’

Update 2: Reps for Dr. Luke initially sent over an earlier version of their statement to SPIN. We have made the changes from the latest version at their request.
James Grebey / September 21, 2015

Kesha Claims Dr. Luke Threatened to Kill Her Dog, Among Other Terrible Things

The Kesha vs. Dr. Luke saga continues. Nine months after the pop singer initially filed a lawsuit against the producer, claiming ten years of emotional…
Rachel Brodsky / July 9, 2015

Kesha Names Sony as a Defendant in Dr. Luke Lawsuit

Kesha Sebert has added Sony Music as a defendant in the lawsuit she filed against producer Dr. Luke for allegedly drugging and sexually and emotionally abusing…
James Grebey / June 9, 2015

Tinashe Readies Her ‘Uptempo’ Sophomore Album With Dr. Luke and Max Martin

Tinashe knows how quickly people can lose interest in artists in today’s overloaded environment. “I really didn’t waste any time,” she says, talking about the…
Brennan Carley / June 2, 2015

Kesha Alleges Sexual and Emotional Abuse at Hands of Dr. Luke

UPDATE: Dr. Luke (born Lukasz Gottwald) is countersuing Kesha (Kesha Rose Sebert), TMZ reports. He claims that the singer's allegations are lies, and that her mother and new…
Andrew Unterberger / October 14, 2014

Dr. Luke Lost a Bet to Miley Cyrus and Bought Her a $10,000 Toilet

Do you ever make silly bets with your friends? If you do, you might wager $10 or $20 or lunch or something like that, and…
Jordan Sargent / October 9, 2013

Ke$ha Fans Petition to Free ‘Pop Puppet’ From Dr. Luke’s Evil Grasp

Ke$ha fans have started a petition to free the pop starlet from her alleged eight-album contract with Dr. Luke, arguing that the mega-producer “is controlling…
Chris Martins / September 24, 2013

Juicy J: Trippy Nonstop

Memphis rap legend Jordan “Juicy J” Houston is still drunk from last night, nursing a ginger ale alone in the bar at Morton’s the Steakhouse…
Jeff Weiss / September 6, 2013

Dr. Luke’s ‘Idol’ Pursuit Dashed by Contract Confusion

Yesterday it was reported that super-producer Dr. Luke would be joining American Idol as a judge for the waning singing competition’s 13th season. But the Hollywood Reporter threw cold water…
Jordan Sargent / August 27, 2013

Dr. Luke Is in: Hit-Making Producer Is Third ‘American Idol’ Judge

The doctor is in. E! News reports that songwriter and super-producer Dr. Luke, a.k.a. Łukasz Sebastian Gottwald, will serve as the third judge for American…
Kyle McGovern / August 26, 2013

Giorgio Moroder: Back to the Future

Fabulously rich and slightly lost, Giorgio Moroder decided to build a pyramid. “It was some years ago,” he says, slipping into a reverie. “This structure…
David Marchese / May 22, 2013

Daft Punk Pals Dr. Luke, Nile Rodgers, and Giorgio Moroder Share ‘Random Access Memories’

Daft Punk have been teasingly doling out tidbits of info about Random Access Memories for months now, from the blink-and-you-missed-it SNL promo to the series…
David Marchese / May 10, 2013