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Sex Pistols’ Johnny Rotten to Americans: Support Trump “Or You Will Destroy the Country”

Yesterday, Johnny Rotten (née John Lydon) defended Donald Trump, calling him, among other things, a "joy to behold" and a "possible friend." The Sex Pistols…
Taylor Berman / March 28, 2017

Video: PARISI – “No Refuge” ft. RZA

RZA is the sole vocalist on a new trap-and-EDM-inflected song by Italian producers PARISI, "No Refuge." The Wu-Tang guru contributes richly specific lyrics criticizing the Trump…
Winston Cook-Wilson / March 27, 2017

Johnny Rotten: Trump Is a “Joy to Behold”

In an interview today with ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Johnny Rotten said he supported Brexit and described Donald Trump as a "possible friend" while dismissing…
Taylor Berman / March 27, 2017

Donald Trump Gave a $300B “Bill” to Angela Merkel (UPDATED)

In yet another WTF moment uncovered from President Donald Trump's disastrous meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel last weekend, The Sunday Times is reporting that Trump…
Dale Eisinger / March 26, 2017

A New Bill to Force Transparency From Trump’s White House Has a Very Funny Name

Guess what the acronym for the "Making Access Records Available to Lead American Government Openness Act" spells. Today, a group of Democratic U.S. senators introduced…
Andy Cush / March 24, 2017

Who Loves Trucks?

Yes you do, Donald. You love trucks. Okay, nap time now.
Jordan Sargent / March 23, 2017

This Is the Most Easily Believable Story About Donald Trump’s Marriage

This week's cover of Us Weekly bears a coverline that reads "MELANIA'S SECRETS." What are those secrets? That she quietly believes Views is better than More Life but is too…
Jordan Sargent / March 22, 2017

Washington Senator Rebukes Trumpcare by Invoking Patron Saint Macklemore: “This Truly Is a Heist”

At the behest of Donald Trump, Congress is set to vote on the American Health Care Act, an ineffectual bill that will take health care…
Jeremy Gordon / March 21, 2017

Donald Trump Jr. Really Enjoyed Jimmy Fallon’s Latest Bit About Donald Trump Jr.

Ever since Jimmy Fallon gave Donald Trump a noogie on national TV, the cornball late-night host has been dogged by the criticism that in some small way,…
Andy Cush / March 21, 2017

Joey Bada$$ Facing $1.5 Million Lawsuit for Pushing Donald Trump Impersonator Off Stage

This past September, Joey Bada$$ performed at an MTV event alongside political impersonators playing Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Now, TMZ reports, the actor who appeared…
Anna Gaca / March 21, 2017

Here’s What We Actually Learned in FBI Director James Comey’s Hearing About Trump and Russia

Today, FBI director James Comey and NSA director Admiral Michael Rogers appeared before the House Intelligence Committee in a hearing regarding Russia and President Donald Trump's…
Andy Cush / March 20, 2017

New Music: Tim Heidecker – “Mar A Lago”

Comedian and increasingly active singer-songwriter Tim Heidecker's continuing series of Donald Trump-related songs has a new entry, and this time, it's from the president's perspective.
Winston Cook-Wilson / March 20, 2017

Dave Chappelle Talks Donald Trump, Bill Cosby in New Interview

The press-averse Dave Chappelle gave a rare interview to The New York Times in advance of the release of his two new stand-up specials, Deep in the Heart…
Winston Cook-Wilson / March 17, 2017

Donald Trump Is Not Having Any Fun Meeting With Foreign Leaders This Week

Now that Donald Trump has won the presidential election, he must perform the duties of the president. That means less time for his old hobbies--like…
Andy Cush / March 17, 2017

New Music: Nothing – “Spell”

Philadelphia-based indie rock outfit Nothing has released a new track for Our First 100 Days, the ongoing compilation of music protesting Donald Trump.  The appropriately melancholy…
Emma May / March 16, 2017
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