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Here’s All the Anti-Trump Protest Music Released on Inauguration Day

Great protest music isn't the silver lining of autocracy. I haven't asked, but I feel pretty confident saying that all of the artists whose music is featured…
Anna Gaca / January 20, 2017

Port-a-Potty Piss Jokes Prevail Despite Attempted Cover-Up at Trump Inauguration

Imagine going back in time to a year ago or so, and explaining to your past self that the following passage would make complete sense:…
Andy Cush / January 20, 2017

Kellyanne Conway Has Another Thing in Common With Die Antwoord

On the day Donald Trump became President of the United States of America, Twitter looked around in desperation for a meme-able source of comic relief. It…
Anna Gaca / January 20, 2017

This Guy Named Goober Got “TRUMP” Tattooed on His Throat to Battle “Haters”

That there is the throat of Brian Williamson, aka Goober, of Lubbock, Tex. As you can see he got "TRUMP" tattooed right across his Adam's apple…
Jordan Sargent / January 20, 2017

Watch Zack De La Rocha Join Run the Jewels At Their Trump-Bashing D.C. Show

Run the Jewels were forced to reschedule an earlier January Washington D.C. tour date to last night, which, obviously, led to a show that was…
Winston Cook-Wilson / January 20, 2017

Cock Rock at the Capitol: Scenes From Donald Trump’s Inaugural Concert

It was when I saw him on the big screen, standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial—tangerine face, shiny bangs flattened against his forehead—that…
Andy Cush / January 19, 2017

Everything You Missed From the Make America Great Again! Welcome Celebration Concert

The Trump Inaugural Concert just ended. If you were lucky enough to miss watching it, here's a detailed run-down of the surreal, celebrity-free show.
Winston Cook-Wilson / January 19, 2017

Donald and Melania Trump Walked Out to The Rolling Stones’ “Heart of Stone” at Today’s Inauguration Concert

Those watching or in attendance at the "Make America Great Again!" inauguration concert this afternoon may have noticed that, after a long set by the Old…
Winston Cook-Wilson / January 19, 2017

Why Inauguration Performer Tim Rushlow Said Yes to Donald Trump

Tim Rushlow is the ex-lead singer of Little Texas, a band that was omnipresent on country radio in the 90s. Tonight, he will perform at the president-elect's…
Anna Gaca / January 19, 2017

The Surrealist Economics of Wilbur Ross, Trump’s Art-Collecting, Vulture Capitalist Cabinet Nominee

It's not surprising that Merriam Webster named "surreal" its word of 2016, the most maddening time in recent memory. According to the official dictionary of…
Baynard Woods / January 19, 2017

Report: Donald Trump Plans to Eliminate National Endowment for the Arts, Privatize Corporation for Public Broadcasting

Donald Trump's transition team is eyeing staggering cuts to the federal agencies that support the arts, humanities, and public broadcasting, the Hill reports. Under the…
Anna Gaca / January 19, 2017

Trump Inauguration Planner Says Kanye West Is Not “Typically and Traditionally American” Enough to Perform

When Kanye West voiced his support for president-elect Donald Trump, and then deigned to visit Trump Tower and pause for a photo-op with him, it…
Winston Cook-Wilson / January 19, 2017

Your Guide to the Goofy Cover Bands and Hack Comedians Playing at Donald Trump’s Inaugural Balls

You may have heard that Donald Trump is having some trouble booking artists to play his inauguration. Jennifer Holliday, Rebecca Ferguson, KISS, Paul Anka, Céline Dion, Charlotte…
Andy Cush / January 18, 2017

Donald Trump’s New Slogan is The Catchphrase of The Purge: Election Year

In a new Washington Post interview with Donald Trump that will make you want to tear your hair and heart out, the president-elect not only excavates…
Winston Cook-Wilson / January 18, 2017

Waka Flocka Flame Steals a Fan’s Donald Trump Jersey and Wipes His Ass

There's going to be a throng of artists protesting Donald Trump's upcoming inauguration, but Waka Flocka Flame got a head start on them last night…
Brian Josephs / January 18, 2017
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