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Dave Chappelle Calls Trump “White Malcolm X” During Roots Picnic Speech

Comedian Dave Chappelle appeared briefly at the Roots' Roots Picnic festival in New York City this afternoon, where he offered a few comments about the…
Anna Gaca / October 1, 2016

Kanye West Surprised Common’s AAHH! Fest With a 16-Song Greatest Hits Set

Though he's always showing up in places you wouldn't expect him to be, there's still really no bigger "special surprise guest" you can have on…
Colin Joyce / September 22, 2014

Here’s Nas With an Orchestra Playing ‘Illmatic’ at Dave Chappelle’s Show

The triumph of Dave Chappelle's takeover of Radio City Music Hall continues with an altogether epic performance from rhyme deity Nas, who can be seen…
Olivia Forman / June 24, 2014

Watch Dave Chappelle Talk Prince, Meeting Kanye on ‘The Tonight Show’

Based on last week's interview on Letterman, it seemed that Dave Chappelle's return might mark a mystical version of the performer, content to conceal the…
Colin Joyce / June 14, 2014

Dave Chappelle on ‘Letterman’: Left ‘Chappelle’s Show’ Over Money, Envies Jay Z

Dave Chappelle is back, and he's cagily — almost mystically — beginning to open up about why he was ever gone in the first place.
Marc Hogan / June 11, 2014

Dave Chappelle Enlists the Roots, Janelle Monae for New York Comeback

Dave Chappelle's return to standup has been pretty low-key, one widely publicized incident aside, and now we know he was working up to something big.
Marc Hogan / May 28, 2014

Prince Actually Cooks Omelettes, Not Pancakes

Somebody get Charlie Murphy on the phone. In his classic sketch on Chappelle's Show, Murphy presented a deliciously convincing case that Prince takes pleasure in…
Marc Hogan / March 6, 2014

Skrillex (and Dave Chappelle) Staged a Bay Area Takeover

Watching a skeptical music media attempt to wrap its head around EDM was one of last year's nuttier guilty pleasures: Detractors insisted the genre showed…
Garrett Kamps / February 10, 2014

Dave Chappelle Tells the Best Kanye West Story of ALL TIME

Turns out Aziz Ansari isn't the only comedian with an amazing Kanye West story. Performing in Illinois as part of Funny or Die's star-stuffed Oddball…
Dan Reilly / September 12, 2013

Dave Chappelle Plots Tour With Flight of the Conchords and Funny or Die Folks

Dave Chappelle is making a grand return this summer alongside Flight of the Conchords for the Oddball Comedy & Curiosity touring festival. Presented by Funny…
Chris Martins / June 17, 2013

The Death and Resurrection Of Conscious Rap, Pt. 2

"[1998] was a beautiful time all the way around in hip-hop. The album I released that year, Vol. 2...Hard Knock Life, was the biggest record…
Brandon Soderberg / June 3, 2011