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WATCH: Guess Who Acts in New Danko Jones Clip

Since the late-90's, Canada's Danko Jones have been cranking out killer, Jack White-approved albums of pummeling, metal-tinged garage rock. But the band is finally getting…
Seth Sommerfeld / October 7, 2010

Danko Jones, ‘Below the Belt’ (Bad Taste/Caroline)

Expect nothing resembling subtlety on this Toronto trio's latest batch of retribution anthems -- all brutal punch-pop riffing, rumble-gut bass, and accusatory posturing. But despitehis…
Doug Brod / May 10, 2010

EXCLUSIVE MP3: Canadian Rockers Danko Jones

Jack White's a fan -- and the Raconteurs have even covered one of their songs. Now, see for yourself why Toronto's Danko Jones, unsung heroes…
Marianne Do / April 6, 2010

Danko Jones, ‘Never Too Loud’ (Bad Taste)

This Canadian power trio started life garage-y and sex-crazed, and on their fourth album, the latter fully takes precedence, as frontman-namesake Jones proclaims he's a…
Josh Modell / September 1, 2009