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Coma Cinema’s Aching ‘Virgin Veins’ Tells of Trauma

A self-deprecating spark burns bright on Coma Cinema's bare new track "Virgin Veins." The since-abandoned project of South Carolina singer/songwriter Mat Cothran, Coma Cinema's output…
Paula Mejia / June 11, 2013

Hear Coma Cinema’s Macabre ‘Burn a Church’

Satan made a mansion on Coma Cinema's first single from upcoming album Posthumous Release, and the Devil makes a cozy return on macabre new one…
Kyle McGovern / May 22, 2013

Watch Coma Cinema’s Satanic Bromance Bloom in ‘Satan Made a Mansion’

Two fellas take to the woods for a feel-good Satanic ritual in the new video for Coma Cinema's "Satan Made a Mansion." We originally heard…
Chris Martins / May 6, 2013

Hear Coma Cinema’s Moving ‘Satan Made a Mansion’

Between 2009 and 2011, South Carolina native Mat Cothran penned three records worth of raw, crudely recorded post-adolescent anguish. He named the project Coma Cinema…
Colin Joyce / April 11, 2013