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New Music: Cloud Nothings Announce New Album Life Without Sound With Single “Modern Act”

Cloud Nothings were hinting recently that they had a new album on the way, and they've now confirmed it. The Cleveland-bred band has officially announced…
Kyle McGovern / October 12, 2016

Cloud Nothings Hint That Their New Album Is Coming Very Soon

Cloud Nothings appear to be hinting that their next album is coming very soon. The band just tweeted out an image featuring the framed covers…
Kyle McGovern / October 6, 2016

Review: Wavves x Cloud Nothings Enjoy Group Therapy on ‘No Life for Me’

On the surface, the quasi-surprise teaming of Cloud Nothings and Wavves seems like the indie-punk version of the classic Loner Weirdo and Crowd-Pleasing Hitmaker archetype…
Andrew Unterberger / July 6, 2015

Download Wavves and Cloud Nothings’ Collaborative LP ‘No Life for Me’

In a SPIN cover story last year, Cloud Nothings' Dylan Baldi said that he had a collaborative LP coming with Wavves' Nathan Williams. Today, that album, now…
Colin Joyce / June 28, 2015

Watch Cloud Nothings ‘Fall In’ at Dr. Martens’ SXSW 2015 Showcase

It's natural to love a musician for his or her art, but it's equally nice — if not better — to find out that they're a decent person,…
Margaret Farrell / April 8, 2015

Cloud Nothings Get Moodily Existential in ‘Now Hear In’ Video With Toro Y Moi’s Help

Cloud Nothings released their fourth LP Here And Nowhere Else earlier this year via Carpark/Mom + Pop Records, and in celebration of their upcoming fall tour…
Matthew Levine / September 30, 2014

Watch Cloud Nothings’ Unsettling ‘Psychic Trauma’ Video

As long as SPIN profile subject Dylan Baldi has been putting together scrappy tunes with Cloud Nothings, he's collaborated with director John Ryan Manning to…
Colin Joyce / July 8, 2014

Clear Skies for Cloud Nothings

Outside a craftsman home in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Eagle Rock is when you begin to hear the screaming. It's a typically sunny spring…
Puja Patel / June 13, 2014

Cloud Nothings Shred Mightily in ‘Psychic Trauma’ Live Video

Cleveland rippers Cloud Nothings followed up on the brutal majesty of 2012's Attack on Memory with the emo sweet-spot-hitting Here and Nowhere Else, out now.
SPIN Staff / April 17, 2014

Watch Cloud Nothings Strip Down ‘Here and Nowhere Else’ Songs

It comes as no surprise, but Dylan Baldi is way more comfortable with Cloud Nothings' new material than he was a year ago. Last year…
Dan Reilly / April 15, 2014

Cloud Nothings Throw Slumber Party for ‘I’m Not Part of Me’ Video

For their new "I'm Not Part of Me," Cloud Nothings enlist a quartet of young women to do all the stereotypical activities you'd find at…
Dan Reilly / April 1, 2014

Cloud Nothings Hit Emo’s Sweet (And Sour) Spot on ‘Here And Nowhere Else’

The emo revival! It's the new alt-R&B! And it's littered with bands — A Great Big Pile of Leaves, Into It. Over It. — that have taken…
Claire Lobenfeld / March 31, 2014

That Cloud Nothings, Wavves Album Is Almost Done

The long-whispered about Cloud Nothings and Wavves album is almost done. In a new interview with Exclaim, Cloud Nothings frontman Dylan Baldi said he's been…
Mike Ayers / March 27, 2014

10 Albums to Stream: Cloud Nothings, Mac DeMarco, Johnny Cash, and More

Cloud Nothings, Mac DeMarco, Pure X, Manchester Orchestra, and Johnny Cash all have albums on the way. The best part? They're streaming online right now.
Kyle McGovern / March 27, 2014

Cloud Nothings Are Streaming ‘Here and Nowhere Else’ LP Right Now

Cloud Nothings have unleashed their newest album a full week early. Here and Nowhere Else doesn't officially drop until April 1 (via Carpark/Mom + Pop),…
Kyle McGovern / March 24, 2014
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