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Kitty Pryde Gushes Wavy Flows on ‘Marijuana’

With her wavy new single “Marijuana,” Kitty (née Pryde) passes her fans an homage to Mary Jane that should help keep the summer sparkly. On her rise…
Olivia Forman / June 18, 2014

Cat Gets Hammered Listening to Chillwave

An industrious dude was asked to babysit his girlfriend’s cat, and made the above video in the process. Shared to Reddit, via Gawker, the cli…
Chris Martins / May 7, 2014

Chrome Sparks on Loving Stereolab, Downing Absinthe Shots

Prolific wunderkind DJ Jeremy Malvin has recorded under the names Professor Purple, I So Garden, Roommates, and DJ Norf Pole. But with his Chrome Spark…
Drew Fortune / April 19, 2013