Charles Manson

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Charles Manson vs. Woodstock: SPIN’s 1994 Cover Story, ‘Summer of ’69’

I was flattered, of course, when SPIN decided to put my 5,000-word thinkpiece contrasting the 25th anniversaries of Woodstock and the Manson Family murders on…
Mike Rubin / September 25, 2015

Charles Manson Signed a Copy of the Beatles’ ‘White Album,’ and It’s On Sale

If you're a fan of the Beatles and/or convicted mass murderers, then we have a treat for you: There is a listing on the online…
James Grebey / June 9, 2015

Charles Manson Was a Decent Musician, Not a Decent Human Being

Hey world, Charles Manson was into music, and he even made a good amount of the stuff. In the nascent days of that whole cult-building…
Chris Martins / October 17, 2013

Manson Family Values: Charles Writes Marilyn Inscrutable Note

Isn't it something when Beautiful People come together? Wait, wait, no... two Antichrist Superstars walk into a bar. It seems that after 23 years of…
Chris Martins / September 21, 2012