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Miguel and Santana Want to Know You, Biblically

While Frank Ocean seems content to stand on the banks of the mainstream and toss great ideas at passing vessels (i.e. BeyoncĂ©), Miguel happily dove…
Chris Martins / April 18, 2014

Carlos Santana’s Reunion With Homeless Drummer Will Warm Your Wintry Heart

Thanks to a San Francisco TV newsman, Carlos Santana has been reunited with his homeless former percussionist, Marcus "The Magnificent" Malone. The latter was part…
Chris Martins / December 23, 2013

Memoir Mania: What to Expect from Cyndi Lauper, Pete Townshend, and More

Vice recently published a piece likening the proliferation of cancer memoirs to the spread of a deadly disease. So does that make the recent spate…
Chris Martins / September 17, 2012

Cornell, Weiland, Monae on Santana Covers Album

Sexagenarian guitar god Carlos Santana's latest endeavor, the all-covers Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics of All Time (out Sept. 21), sports an all-star roster…
Eric Vilas-boas / August 24, 2010