boiler room

Watch Oneohtrix Point Never’s Silence-Filled Boiler Room Video and Four Tet Remix

Oneohtrix Point Never is no stranger to multimedia collaborations, but with his recent, meditative "Animals" clip, a retrospective of his videos at the Hammer Museum at UCLA,…
Winston Cook-Wilson / October 27, 2016

Boiler Room Is Opening a Virtual Reality Music Venue in London

Boiler Room, the purveyor of international internet club nights, will be launching a "virtual reality venue," Dazed and Pitchfork report. The space, produced alongside the VR…
Andy Cush / October 25, 2016

No One Loves Thom Yorke’s DJ Sets Like Thom Yorke, Boiler Room Gag Reel Confirms

Boiler Room parties have been the hottest tickets in the underground world for well over a year now. Anyone can enjoy the shows as they…
Jordan Sargent / May 14, 2013