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Body/Headshots: Kim Gordon Is Going to Be on HBO’s ‘Girls’

Kim Gordon will guest-star on an upcoming episode of HBO's Girls. The Sonic Youth co-founder confirmed her involvement with Lena Dunham's twentysomething-centric character study during a recent interview…
Kyle McGovern / September 5, 2013

Body/Head’s ‘Coming Apart’: Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon Rises Snarling From the Ashes

Kim Gordon is getting the last word. As each member of Sonic Youth has gone solo successively since the band's shocking 2011 breakdown, we've gotten…
Jessica Hopper / September 5, 2013

Body/Head’s ‘Actress’ Pitches Kim Gordon Against Squalling Guitar

Kim Gordon has shared the first official song off of Coming Apart, the upcoming album from her Body/Head project featuring free-noise guitarist Bill Nace. "Actress" premiered…
Kyle McGovern / August 19, 2013

Kim Gordon Announces Body/Head Double-Album ‘Coming Apart’

Kim Gordon's Body/Head project will release a full-length album this fall. Coming Apart drops in North America on September 10 and lands in the U.K. and…
Kyle McGovern / June 26, 2013

Kim Gordon Performing Again, But Not With Sonic Youth

Sonic Youth's future is still uncertain since alt-rock first couple Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon announced they were splitting up late last year, but Gordon will…
Kyle McGovern / December 19, 2012