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Beyonce’s (Tear-Streaked) Face Could Be Your Life

A few hours before Beyoncé's notoriously labored-over Life Is But a Dream made its debut on HBO, the March issue of American Vogue showed up…
Julianne Escobedo Shepherd / February 17, 2013

Beyonce Officially Thinks You Are All Cray

From pretty much the minute Beyoncé announced her pregnancy with a big ol' belly rub onstage at MTV's Video Music Awards in August 2011 to…
Caryn Ganz / April 30, 2012

Welcome, Beyonce, to the World Wide Web

So, you've seen Beyoncé's Tumblr by now, right? The microblog launched this morning, along with two other cyber treats to complete the diva's online trifecta:…
Devon Maloney / April 5, 2012

Jay-Z’s Daddy Track ‘Glory’ Was Planned, Says Pharrell

Tragic news: It turns out Jay-Z wasn't possessed by muses and inspired to write celebratory baby-daddy tune "Glory" the second his daughter Blue Ivy Carter…
Devon Maloney / February 28, 2012

Beyonce and Jay-Z Are Working on Mysterious New Material

It's only been 38 days since the birth of Beyoncé and Jay-Z's Wentz-haired Blue Ivy Carter, but if any of us thought maybe the most…
Devon Maloney / February 15, 2012