Metallica Will Sell Limited Edition Budweiser Cans in Québec

Every summer, Budweiser celebrates America (and shrewd marketing strategies targeting youths who want to be patriotic and get wasted) with cans adorned with the American flag.
James Grebey / September 15, 2015

Chance the Rapper Has a Beer Now

Chance the Rapper has a new name — Chance the Brewer. Like Queen before him, the Surf ringleader rapper is releasing a specially branded…
James Grebey / July 10, 2015

Queen to Release Official Queen-Branded Beer

Budweiser may be the self-proclaimed "king of beers," but there's a new member of the alcoholic royalty. Queen announced that they're brewing an official Queen-branded…
James Grebey / June 23, 2015

Thanks Obama! Beer Drones May Come to a Festival Near You

In August, South African festivalgoers will get a chance to test out the world's first booze delivery service executed by an unmanned aerial vehicle. Capetown's…
Chris Martins / May 9, 2013