Today, Bandcamp Is Donating Its Profits to the ACLU. Here’s What You Should Buy.

In a gesture of solidarity with America's many immigrant and refugee populations affected by the Trump administration, Ethan Diamond, the founder and CEO of Bandcamp,┬árecently…
Rob Arcand / February 3, 2017

Bandcamp to Donate Profits From All Friday Sales to the ACLU

The CEO of Bandcamp announced this afternoon that the music company will donate all of their proceeds from sales on Friday, February 3, to the…
Taylor Berman / January 31, 2017

Four Tet Joins Bandcamp, Posts Four Early, Out-of-Print Titles

In December, Four Tet's Kieran Hebden gave away a trove of his old songs via Sendspace, quipping, "Is sendspace indie label of the year 2013?"
Philip Sherburne / January 17, 2014