Aziz Ansari

‘Parks and Recreation’ Brings Daft Punk to Pawnee, Disses the Lumineers

Parks and Recreation has always been great with the music references. April's Neutral Milk Hotel obsession, Andy's love of Dave Matthews, Ben's Letters to Cleo…
Dan Reilly / April 4, 2014

Drake’s ‘All Me,’ With 2 Chainz, Big Sean, and Aziz Ansari, Is 100 Percent Drizzy

"Goddamn" is right. When Drake raps on "All Me," which he posted early this morning on his blog, that "my latest shit is like a…
Marc Hogan / August 1, 2013

Aziz Ansari: Tumblr’s Hip-Hop God

Tumblr has been responsible for a ton of strange, interesting music-related pages, like the dude who cleverly erases dead musicians out of album covers and…
Daniel Kreps / August 7, 2012

Sneak Peek at Aziz Ansari’s Comedy Special

Comedian and sitcom star Aziz Ansari's first-ever stand-up special airs on Comedy Central this Sunday -- check out an exclusive clip below!
Jenn Pelly / January 15, 2010

Q&A: Aziz Ansari

What was the first album you bought with your own money? Vanilla Ice's To the Extreme, but let's not put it all on me. Plenty…
Phoebe Reilly / July 1, 2009