Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks – “Chi Chi”

The polarizing, frustrating, and alleged boob-biter Azealia Banks is streaming "Chi Chi," a spare and sinister new track on Cheapy XO, the website she has been…
Winston Cook-Wilson / June 5, 2017

Azealia Banks Takes Plea Deal in Boob Biting Assault Case

Azealia Banks has reportedly taken a plea deal in her 2015 assault case stemming from an incident in which she allegedly "punched and bit the breast…
Rob Arcand / March 16, 2017

Arrest Warrant Issued for Alleged Boob Biter Azealia Banks

An arrest warrant was issued for Azealia Banks today after the rapper failed to appear in a New York court. Banks is facing misdemeanor assault…
Taylor Berman / March 6, 2017

Azealia Banks Returns to Twitter, Shares New Song “Crown” Produced by Lunice

After a nine-month suspension following her attack on Zayn Malik, Azealia Banks' official Twitter account is back online. The oft-controversial rapper also quietly posted an unreleased…
Anna Gaca / February 17, 2017

Azealia Banks Says She’s Been Sacrificing Chickens in Her Closet

In an Instagram Story video posted Thursday night, Azealia Banks claims she's been sacrificing chickens in her closet for the past three years and must…
Anna Gaca / December 30, 2016

D.A. Throws Out Azealia Banks’s Battery Case Against Russell Crowe

TMZ reports that the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office has thrown out Azealia Banks's battery case against actor Russell Crowe. The embattled singer alleged that Crowe…
Brian Josephs / December 7, 2016

Azealia Banks Cried on Access Hollywood While Discussing Her Altercation With Russell Crowe

Today, Azealia Banks spoke with Access Hollywood's Alex Hudgens to once again tell her side of the altercation with Russell Crowe. The "212" rapper filed a…
Brian Josephs / October 28, 2016

RZA on Azealia Banks: “I Did Not Hear Russell Call Her a N*gga”

Update: RZA told TMZ that Crowe did spit at Banks, but he maintained he did not call her a "nigger" or choked her. The…
Brian Josephs / October 20, 2016

Report: Azealia Banks No Longer Signing With RZA After Russell Crowe Altercation

On Monday, Azealia Banks filed battery charges and alleged that Russell Crowe called her "a nigger, choked me, threw me out and spat at me" after…
Brian Josephs / October 19, 2016

Report: Azealia Banks Files Battery Charges Against Russell Crowe

Azealia Banks has filed battery charges against Russell Crowe following a dispute in the actor’s Beverly Hills hotel room Saturday night, TMZ reports.
Taylor Berman / October 17, 2016

Azealia Banks Announces New Record Deal With RZA

Believe it or not, Azealia Banks has some good news to share: She says she's inked a new record deal with RZA. Posting to Facebook…
Kyle McGovern / October 11, 2016

These Are the Best Deals From Azealia Banks’ Online Garage Sale

Azealia Banks has turned over several new leaves recently, and now she's doing some long-overdue spring cleaning. The Slay-Z rapper listed a whole batch of stuff…
Anna Gaca / September 7, 2016

Azealia Banks Drops Unreleased 2014 Track ‘Blossom’

Azealia Banks is done (at least for now) with Facebook and Twitter, but she's still releasing music. Her latest is a capably performed hip-pop piece called "Blossom,"
Brian Josephs / August 17, 2016

Azealia Banks Says She’s Leaving Social Media for Good

After continuously sabotaging her career over the past four years via Twitter, it appears Azealia Banks has decided that it's time to leave social media. The Harlem…
Brian Josephs / August 3, 2016

The 50 Best Hip-Hop Debut Albums Since ‘Reasonable Doubt’

In honor of the recent 20th anniversary of Jay Z’s debut album, Reasonable Doubt, we’re publishing a series of pieces looking at the rapper’s singular…
SPIN Staff / July 1, 2016
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