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Review: Andy Stott’s Beautiful and Brutal Electronic Epic, ‘Faith in Strangers’

Manchester-based electronic producer Andy Stott saw his mainstream exposure (by jagged, ambient techno standards) double with 2012's Luxury Problems, his first album released since he gave…
Andrew Unterberger / November 17, 2014

Andy Stott Unspools Darkly Dangerous Techno With ‘Anytime Soon’

England's Andy Stott is a master of weaving tense beauty through a bleak techno-addled landscape. As Justin F. Farrar put it in his review of…
Chris Martins / August 23, 2013

Andy Stott, ‘Luxury Problems’ (Modern Love)

"Awful lot of Enya vocals on this new Stott album," is the one-line e-mail a friend blasted me last week after hearing Luxury Problems for…
Justin F. Farrar / November 9, 2012