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Billy Corgan’s Blood Boils After Amazon Leaks ‘Adore’ Reissue Track List

Retail giant Amazon has been pissing a lot of people off recently. There's their ongoing battle with Hachette, in which they've refused to allow pre-orders…
Dan Reilly / July 17, 2014

Amazon Launches Dubious Music Streaming Service

The Gambian rat-sized race that is the music streaming game has spawned a new competitor: Amazon. Yes, Jeff Bezos' delivery drone-desiring, Prime-peddling destroyer of paper-and-glue…
Harley Brown / June 11, 2014

Amazon Offers Free MP3s to 15 Years of Vinyl Customers

Back in January, Amazon launched its AutoRip program, which gives customers free digital copies of the CDs that they buy using the site. As of…
Chris Martins / April 4, 2013

How iTunes and Amazon Were Scammed Out of $1.2 Million By Online Gang

Eleven twenty-somethings in the U.K. were recently arrested in what can only be described as a plot Hollywood producers will be scrambling to acquire: Five…
Devon Maloney / March 30, 2012