Alex Jones

Alex Jones Thinks High-Grade Weed Is a Psyop Funded by George Soros

There is no facet of American life that Alex Jones cannot ascribe to a┬ávast and shadowy international┬áplot to undermine U.S. sovereignty. For evidence of this,…
Andy Cush / April 20, 2017

America Learned a Lot About Alex Jones Today

Alex Jones is a pretty private guy. His conspiracy theory media empire InfoWars is housed in a private compound in an undisclosed location outside of…
Andy Cush / April 18, 2017

The FBI’s Russia Inquiry Is Reportedly Looking Into Infowars and Breitbart

Yesterday, FBI Director James Comey confirmed in a congressional hearing that the Bureau is investigating alleged Russian attempts to influence the 2016 presidential election. Now,…
Andy Cush / March 21, 2017

InfoWars Is Now Feuding With “Pro-Soros Rockers” Portugal. The Man

The video for Portugal. The Man's new single "Feel It Still" features a bar fight, some old guys on motorcycles, a couple getting hot and…
Andy Cush / March 13, 2017

Donald Trump Has Turned Conspiracy King Alex Jones Into a Government Bootlicker

This afternoon, Alex Jones's InfoWars had an occasion to boast: according to a post on the right-wing conspiracy theory clearinghouse, a source at the White…
Andy Cush / February 27, 2017

Alex Jones’s InfoWars Is Hoping to Put a Reporter in the White House

InfoWars, the conspiracy theory┬ámultimedia enterprise helmed by Alex Jones, may soon have a reporter in Donald Trump's White House press corps. Jerome Corsi, who currently…
Andy Cush / January 31, 2017

Conspiracy King Alex Jones Might Have a Side Career as an Acid House Musician

Alex Jones is America's most influential conspiracy theorist. Is it possible that he is also our country's most under-appreciated producer of acid house dance-floor heaters?
Andy Cush / December 2, 2016

The Invisible Empire of Alex Jones

In 1972, the soft-spoken psychedelic evangelist Terence McKenna emerged from the Colombian Amazon, where he and his brother had spent months trekking through the woods,…
Andy Cush / October 26, 2016