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Let’s Appreciate The People v. O. J. Simpson’s Emmy-Worthy “N***a, Please” Scene

Serena Williams danced for Beyoncé, and Lemonade still didn't get an Emmy out of it. The world isn't completely a bottomless abyss of injustice, though. The People v.
Brian Josephs / September 19, 2016

JonBenét Ramsey’s Brother Might Sue CBS for Suggesting He’s the Killer

CBS recently aired The Case Of: JonBenét Ramsey, a two-part documentary about murdered child beauty queen JonBenét Ramsey, who was killed nearly 20 years ago. The latest appeal…
Anna Gaca / September 21, 2016

Listen to Grimes’ Hyperactive ‘Suicide Squad’ Track, ‘Medieval Warfare’

The early reviews of Suicide Squad strongly suggest the soundtrack is better than the film. The blockbuster has been taking a critical drubbing, but that's not stopping…
Brian Josephs / August 3, 2016

Skepta Wins 2016 Mercury Prize Over David Bowie, Radiohead, and the 1975

English grime heavyweight Skepta has won this year's Mercury Prize, the annual award for the best album from the U.K. and Ireland. He received the…
Anna Gaca / September 15, 2016

The New Luke Cage Trailer Is Here and It Is Awesome

Marvel's world domination will continue on Friday, September 30, when the content juggernaut unveils the first season of Luke Cage, its newest Netflix original series.
Kyle McGovern / September 26, 2016

Kaytranada Wins 2016 Polaris Prize for 99.9%

Kaytranada took home the 2016 Polaris Prize last night, for his debut studio album 99.9%. The 23-year-old Montreal-based producer has now joined the ranks of such…
Andy Cush / September 20, 2016

Watch the Trailer for Ava DuVernay’s Netflix Documentary The 13th

Ava DuVernay's The 13th is a new documentary about the history of the 13th Amendment, which banned slavery and involuntary servitude except as punishment for a crime.
Jeremy Gordon / September 26, 2016

Why We Won’t See the Police Videos of Keith Scott’s Death

In November 2014, after a grand jury elected not to indict Ferguson, Mo., police officer Darren Wilson for the killing of Michael Brown, Brown’s family…
Andy Cush / September 23, 2016

Leonard Cohen Debuts “You Want It Darker,” With New Album Coming Next Month

After five decades of plumbing the depths of the human soul in his music, Leonard Cohen's newest album title—You Want It Darker—feels almost like a…
Andy Cush / September 21, 2016

J. Cole Replaces the Weeknd as Meadows Music and Arts Festival Headliner

Update: The Weeknd revealed that he’s still performing at the Meadows Festival, but at an earlier time slot. The festival's twitter account originally announced that he would "no…
Brian Josephs / September 22, 2016

Danny Brown, You Can Vote in This Election, Even If You’re a Felon

During a Twitter Q&A following the surprise release of his very good new album Atrocity Exhibition this afternoon, Danny Brown fielded a question from a fan who…
Andy Cush / September 27, 2016

Watch Jimmy Kimmel and Tim Kaine Debate at Buffalo Wild Wings

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton sparred onstage at New York's Hofstra University last night, but Monday's main event took place at a Buffalo Wild Wings,…
Kyle McGovern / September 27, 2016

Fabric Launches Fundraising Campaign to Fight Closure

London nightclub Fabric has launched a fundraising campaign to support itself as it appeals a local council decision that forced it to close last week. "This…
Anna Gaca / September 16, 2016

Hillary Won the Debate, But In a Post-Factual Election, Will It Matter?

We pulled up YouTube at about 8:30 last night at my apartment, half an hour before the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald…
Andy Cush / September 27, 2016

Serena Williams Played Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, and Justin Bieber on Beats 1

Serena Williams sat down this weekend to DJ a one-off show on Beats 1 titled "Champ." Williams led off her hour-long set with Alicia Keys'
Anna Gaca / September 10, 2016

John Mayer Is Selling A $125 Bead Necklace

Finally, personified Friends rerun John Mayer is venturing into the high-tax bracket world of fashion collaborations. The 38-year-old guitarist has teamed up with New York jeweler George Frost for a…
Brian Josephs / September 21, 2016

There’s a Lot Going on in Kings of Leon’s New “Waste a Moment” Video

Kings of Leon have shared a video for "Waste a Moment," the loud, hollow opening track from their new album Walls. It features a gaggle of cheerleaders, a weathered Western…
Anna Gaca / September 14, 2016

High Maintenance Is a Great Weed Show That Isn’t Really About Weed

Maybe it hits you while you’re waiting for a train on an elevated platform, counting the windows on a hulking apartment building across the tracks:…
Andy Cush / September 20, 2016

Pixies Guitarist Joey Santiago Has Entered Rehab

Joey Santiago, lead guitarist for Pixies, has checked into rehab. The band announced the news on Friday morning via Facebook, and said Santiago will spend at…
Kyle McGovern / September 16, 2016

Emily Estefan Takes the Spotlight with New Single “Reigns (Every Night)”

Emily Estefan is a singer, like her mother Gloria. She also plays drums, guitar, bass, and piano; on top of that, she produced her forthcoming debut…
Josh Rosenberg / September 22, 2016
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