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Video: 21 Savage & Metro Boomin – “No Heart”

Earlier this year, Atlanta rapper and 2016 XXL Freshman 21 Savage released Savage Mode in collaboration with producer Metro Boomin, a mixtape as dark and mysterious as…
Josh Rosenberg / October 19, 2016

Green Day Play “Why Do You Want Him?” Live for the First Time in 15 Years

Green Day released their 12th LP Revolution Radio last Friday. As part of a celebratory tour, the 40-something punk legends played "Why Do You Want Him?" during their Friday…
Brian Josephs / October 10, 2016

Preacher Co-Creator Steve Dillon Dead at 54

Steve Dillon, the British comic book artist who co-created Preacher, regarded as a modern comics classic, has died at age 54. His brother Glyn Dillon confirmed the news…
Anna Gaca / October 22, 2016

50 Cent Hops on the Remix of Young M.A’s “OOOUUU”

Young M.A's "OOOUUU" ruled New York this summer--the song was "in the streets more than sesame," to borrow a line from Young M.A herself. To cap off…
Andy Cush / September 30, 2016

Depeche Mode Announce New Album, World Tour

Depeche Mode announced a new album and tour yesterday at a press conference in Milan. The album, titled Spirit, will be released in spring 2017…
Taylor Berman / October 11, 2016

Martin Star Thomas Mikal Ford Dead at 52

Actor Thomas Mikal Ford, also credited as Tommy Ford, has died at the age of 52, according to TMZ. The tabloid reports that Ford died in…
Brian Josephs / October 12, 2016

Bob Dylan No Longer Acknowledging He Won the Nobel Prize

After Bob Dylan was announced as the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, the prize committee spent days trying to contact him, to no…
Andy Cush / October 21, 2016

Review: Green Day Try to Kill Pop-Punk on Revolution Radio

On December 31, 2015, Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong sent out a rare tweet. He wrote, "my mission for 2016? to destroy…
Maria Sherman / October 10, 2016

In Deposition, Taylor Swift Says Alleged Groping Made Her Feel “Frantic, Distressed, Violated”

Taylor Swift—who doesn't appear to be releasing a new album this weekend, sorry everyone—is currently involved in a lawsuit over a 2013 concert meet-and-green at which…
Anna Gaca / October 23, 2016

Billie Joe Armstrong Talks About Green Day, Chimpanzees With Rachael Ray

Polite punk dad Billie Joe Armstrong appeared on the Food Network's Rachael Ray Show yesterday to talk about the new Green Day album Revolution Radio ("a beautiful work of…
Anna Gaca / October 15, 2016

Green Day Announce 2017 Tour With Against Me!

Green Day are in the midst of touring for their just-released 12th album, Revolution Radio, but the pop-punk icons will remain on the road next year.
Kyle McGovern / October 10, 2016

Tim Kaine Still Has the Prestigious MC Hammer Endorsement

Before he got the endorsement from Pusha T and all the obvious Kaine/Caine jokes came floating about, vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine had that co-sign from MC…
Brian Josephs / October 17, 2016

Kanye West Says He Won’t Attend the Grammys If Frank Ocean Isn’t Nominated

Speaking during a performance in Oakland last night, Kanye West inserted himself into this week's music industry mystery: Why didn't Frank Ocean submit his albums Endless and Blonde for…
Anna Gaca / October 23, 2016

Tom DeLonge Thinks Wikileaks E-mail Dump Will Help Him Prove UFOs Are Real

Musician is no longer the primary title for former Blink-182 co-founder Tom DeLonge; by the evidence trickling out this year, he might prefer being called…
Winston Cook-Wilson / October 21, 2016

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominations Include Pearl Jam, Tupac, Bad Brains, Kraftwerk

The nominations for the 2017 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class are here. The list includes a couple of the 1970s classic rock dinosaurs the…
Andy Cush / October 18, 2016
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