The Twilight Singers, ‘Blackberry Belle’ (Birdman)

First line of Blackberry Belle, Greg Dulli's latest dose of pimped-out, bipolar catharsis: "Black out the windows /It's party time." By Dulli's standards, this mea…
By: Chris Ryan / February 6, 2004

Phantom Planet, ‘Phantom Planet’ (Epic/Daylight)

Serving as the opening act for Fox's The O.C. isn't a bad gig -- beats rocking the Peach Pit with Brandon, Dylan, and the gang.
By: Zac Crain / February 4, 2004

The Wildhearts, ‘The Wildhearts Must Be Destroyed!’ (Gut Import)

For better, not worse, the Wildhearts may be the least fashionable band in rock'n'roll: too metal for pop fans, too pop for metalheads, fun but…
By: Doug Brod / January 28, 2004

Dizzee Rascal, ‘Boy In Da Corner’ (XL/Matador)

If the rise of Jamaican syllable swinger Sean Paul and any number of mush-mouthed Dirty South MCs tells you anything, it's that pop lyrics don't…
By: Will Hermes / January 26, 2004

Pearl Jam, ‘Lost Dogs’ ; Rage Against the Machine, ‘Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium (Epic)

With the history of recorded music up for digital grabs, it's fire-sale time: Major labels are emptying their vaults so fast that CD-pressing plants must…
By: Will Hermes / January 26, 2004

Air, ‘Talkie Walkie’ (Astralwerks)

"Don't be light," Air advised us on their last record, 2001's 10,000 Hz Legend. Now they're taking their own advice, substituting a darkly downbeat feel…
By: Michaelangelo Matos / January 7, 2004

Missy Elliott, ‘This Is Not a Test’ (Goldmind/Elektra)

At the risk of shouting "Lauryn Hill" in a crowded theater: Is Missy Elliott okay? We ask because it's hard to tell. Hip-hop radio set…
By: Alex Pappademas / December 18, 2003

Saves the Day, ‘In Reverie’ (Vagrant/Dreamworks)

Chris Conley will be the pain. "All you want from me is a broken heart and a mouth full of blood," the Saves the Day…
By: Jon Caramanica / December 17, 2003

Erase Errata, ‘At Crystal Palace’ (Troubleman Unlimited)

As no-wave patron saint Lydia Lunch said of her hellacious late-'70s outfit Teenage Jesus and the Jerks: "I just wanted to destroy rock'n'roll, but who…
By: Joe Gross / December 17, 2003

Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros, ‘Streetcore’ (Hellcat)

It's a testament to the life of Joe Strummer that he never figured out what to do with his punk-god gravitas. The Clash assumed that…
By: Jon Dolan / December 15, 2003
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