Jakob Dylan, ‘Seeing Things’ (Columbia/Starbucks Entertainment)

After spending a decade and a half with the Wallflowers trying to prove that he could do more than mimic his legendary father, Jakob Dyla…
By: Mikael Wood / May 29, 2008

The Duke Spirit, ‘Neptune’ (Shangri-La)

These Brits move with purpose from girl-group-inspired pop ("My Sunken Treasure") to fully loaded Jesus and Mary Chain–fried fuzz ("Lassoo") in remarkably short steps. The…
By: Josh Modell / May 29, 2008

The Dresden Dolls, ‘No, Virginia’ (Roadrunner)

The Dresden Dolls' drama-club chic is undeniably cute (see YouTube for details), but as 2006's Yes, Virginia attests, the duo are hardly Rocky Horror retreads:…
By: Shannon Zimmerman / May 29, 2008

Cut Copy, ‘In Ghost Colours’ (Modular)

With their second album, Australian trio Cut Copy prove that 2005's unexpected dance-rock gem Bright Like Neon Love was no fluke. In Ghost Colours,coproduced by…
By: Mosi Reeves / May 29, 2008

Curumin, ‘JapanPopShow’ (Quannum)

Luciano Nakata Albuquerque (a.k.a. Curumin) is the offspring of Japanese and Spanish parents, so it's not surprising that he boasts a wide range of influences.
By: Jon Young / May 29, 2008

Kira Lynn Cain, ‘The Ideal Hunter’ (Evangeline)

On her debut album, Kira Lynn Cain's vocals are more felt than heard among slumbering rhythms, decadent strings, piano, organ, and delicate acoustic guitar. The…
By: Rob O'connor / May 29, 2008

T Bone Burnett, ‘Tooth of Crime’ (Nonesuch)

Few musicians conjure apocalyptic dread better than Burnett, and few plays foresaw a world of toxic entertainment more presciently than Sam Shepard's 1972 Tooth of…
By: David Browne / May 29, 2008

Lil Mama, ‘Voice of the Young People’ (Jive/Zomba)

Originally planned for release last September, this 18-year old Brooklyn fireball's debut album follows a year-long string of singles and semi-singles. Teasing crushed-out boys i…
By: Chuck Eddy / May 29, 2008

Bun-B, ‘II Trill’ (Rap-a-Lot/Asylum)

Legendary Houston fixture Bun B has a flair for Southern-fried folksiness and lyrics that are as poignantly evocative as they are salaciously entertaining. On thi…
By: Will Dukes / May 29, 2008

Blue Scholars, “Butter&Gun$’ (Massline/Rawkus)

As proponents of a style that blends dense lyricism, West Coast jeep beats, and progressive politics, Blue Scholars are one of underground hip-hop's most challenging…
By: Mosi Reeves / May 29, 2008
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