Mudhoney’s Caustic Tunes Rekindle Grunge Love in DC

It's a shame temperatures crept close to the triple digits last night (June 8) in Washington, DC, rendering any flannel shirt too stifling to do…
Jeffrey Parker / June 10, 2008

Joan as Police Woman, ‘To Survive’ (Reveal)

Entrancing chamber-pop songstress Joan Wasser easily could get by on just voice and piano, but for her second album, she flexes more ambition, and the…
Lindsey Thomas / June 10, 2008

Gnarls Barkley, Battles Set MySpace’s 150th Secret Show Aflame in NYC

A free show certainly attracts a crowd, and last night (June 8) fans were packed in tighter than sardines in a tin can at New…
Steven Horowitz / June 9, 2008

The Chapin Sisters’ Dark Harmonies Swoon L.A. Fans

Abigail and Lily Chapin, and Jessica Craven of the Chapin Sisters played to a crowd of hip young things last night (June 5) at the…
Ann Murray / June 6, 2008

Jamie Lidell Defies Nature in Chicago

Chicago's weather may be barely warm enough for short sleeves, but Jamie Lidell still managed to set Chicago's Abbey Pub ablaze last night (June 4),…
Lizz Kannenberg / June 5, 2008

Faux Rockers Riff at NYC’s Regional Air Guitar Tournament

"You can have an acoustic or electric, just as long as it's invisible," explained beer-guzzling emcee Bjorn Turoque (pronounced "born-to-rock") last night (June 3) at…
William Goodman / June 4, 2008

The Notwist, ‘The Devil, You + Me’ (Domino)

On their sixth album, these ever-evolving German indie rockers stick with the electronic-tinged direction of 2003's Neon Golden, but with a little less emotional heft.
Lindsey Thomas / June 4, 2008

Islands, ‘Arm’s Way’ (Anti-)

A lot of indie-pop bands catchflak for making sickly-sweetsongs, but Islands have adifferent vice: the sweetly sick. Since the early 2000s, Nick Thorburn has bee…
Spencer Kornhaber / June 4, 2008

Austin Fans Heed BellRays’ Rock’n’Roll Advice

Last night (June 2) at Austin, TX's Mohawk venue, as the BellRays' soulful frontwoman Lisa Kekaula stepped foot on the tiny stage sporting tall, red…
Denise Blaz / June 3, 2008

Shearwater, ‘Rook’ (Matador)

No longer a cloistered chamber-folk band, Shearwater follows the startling variety of 2006's Palo Santo with their even more stimulating fifth album. While Jonathan Meiburg'…
Jon Young / June 2, 2008
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