Santogold, ‘Santogold’ (Downtown/Lizard King)

As a former major-label A&R scout, the background talent behind alt-soul singer Res, and frontwoman for Philly pop punks Stiffed, Santi White -- now rebor…
By: Barry Walters / May 29, 2008

Lykke Li, ‘Little Bit EP’ (LL)

Lykke Li's timbre and vocal phrasing may bear a striking resemblance to fellow Swedish pop singer Robyn, but her music is far more delicate. Rather…
By: Matthew Perpetua / May 29, 2008

Kassin+2, ‘Futurismo’ (Luaka Bop)

Previous albums from the band called the +2's spotlighted singer/guitarist Moreno Veloso (2001's Music Typewriter) and electronic experimentalist Domenico Lancelotti (2004's Sincerely Hot). This time,…
By: Jon Young / May 29, 2008

Scarlett Johansson, ‘Anywhere I Lay My Head’ (ATCO)

Beyond the fact that her voice is deep enough for her to front Crash Test Dummies, there's nothing particularly compelling about Scarlett Johansson's singing: A…
By: Mikael Wood / May 29, 2008

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, ‘Searching for the Hows and Whys’ (Atlantic)

Sounding simultaneously overwrought and half-baked, the second album from Essex, England's Sam Duckworth is a depressingly patchy affair, almost entirely lacking in the underdog charm…
By: Nadine Oregan / May 29, 2008

French Kicks, ‘Swimming’ (Vagrant)

At first listen, this Brooklyn-based group's fourth record sounds cut from the same sessions as 2006's lustrously arty Two Thousand; but where its predecessor relied…
By: William Goodman / May 29, 2008

The Raconteurs, ‘Consolers of the Lonely’ (Third Man/Warner Bros.)

Is Jack White better off working with only one other person? The second album from his frisky-boys side project causes you to wonder. As o…
By: David Browne / May 29, 2008

Robert Forster, ‘The Evangelist’ (Yep Roc)

Two years after the death of Grant McLennan, his collaborator in beloved indie rockers the Go-Betweens, Forster gets back to work as a solo artist.
By: Jon Young / May 29, 2008

Fern Knight, ‘Fern Knight’ (VHF)

Philadelphia hosts a booming community of psychedelic folksingers, and much like locals Espers (whose Greg Weeks produces here), Margaret Wienk is as influenced by the…
By: Amanda Petrusich / May 29, 2008

Elbow, ‘The Seldom Seen Kid’ (Fiction/Geffen)

Nicer than Pulp, less sappy than Coldplay, Elbow excel at meticulous orchestral pop that doesn't take itself too seriously. For all his husky sincerity and…
By: Jon Young / May 29, 2008
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