Battles, ‘Gloss Drop’ (Warp)

The second album by these New York math-rockers embraces a dubious formula: subtract exceptional avant-garde guitarist Tyondai Braxton, add...Gary Numan? Yet Numan's harried, yelping cameo…
Stacey Anderson / June 7, 2011

Bachelorette, ‘Bachelorette’ (Drag City)

On her third album as Bachelorette, New Zealand's Annabel Alpers mixes beginnings and endings the same way her music celebrates the frisson of acoustic and…
Joe Gross / June 7, 2011

Holy Other, ‘With U EP’ (Tri Angle)

Indie rock, R&B, electronic dance music, and hip-hop have all been converging in pretty fascinating ways lately, but Holy Other is on some whole other…
Marc Hogan / June 7, 2011

Frank Turner, ‘England Keep My Bones’ (Epitaph)

Frank Turner gives sincerity a good name on the rousing England Keep My Bones, an exclamation point in an increasingly brilliant career that ranges from…
Jon Young / June 7, 2011

Tech N9ne, ‘All 6’s and 7’s’ (Strange)

On all 6's and 7's, Tech N9ne claims he's a "cult leader," with a following of suburban delinquents who mimic his face-paint designs and violent,…
Mosi Reeves / June 7, 2011

The Wooden Birds, ‘Two Matchsticks’ (Barsuk)

Despite expanding his band to include Matt Pond and simpatico guest Ben Gibbard, former American Analog Set frontman Andrew Kenny sticks to the stripped-down strum…
Barry Walters / June 7, 2011

The Rosebuds, ‘Loud Planes Fly Low’ (Merge)

Some marriages end with shrieks, others with sighs. On Loud Planes Fly Low, Rosebuds co-conspirators Ivan Howard and Kelly Crisp set their breakup sighs to…
David Menconi / June 7, 2011

Rihanna Gets Sexy in Tour Opener

Rihanna certainly wasn't the only girl in Baltimore, let alone the world, Saturday night.
Mark Jenkins / June 6, 2011

The Cure Play First Three Albums Live

Teased hair, grown-up Goths in black clothes everywhere. The Cure's epic performance of its first three albums -- Three Imaginary Boys, Seventeen Seconds and Faith…
Nicholas Fonseca / June 1, 2011

Flogging Molly, ‘Speed of Darkness’ (Borstal Beat)

Relocating from Los Angeles to recession-plagued Detroit, Flogging Molly tap directly into the area's working-class anger, but stay in their sonic comfort zone. On thi…
Jon Young / May 31, 2011
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