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Mac Miller, ‘Blue Slide Park’ (Rostrum)

Twee, maddeningly joyful, and kicked in a clumsy vernacular from a pedestal of privilege, Mac Miller's Blue Slide Park suggests what would happen if the…
Phillip Mlynar / November 8, 2011

Pusha T, ‘Fear of God II: Let Us Pray’ (G.O.O.D. Music/Decon)

The Clipse's Pusha T doesn't think he's God in the Biblical sense, but he's keenly aware of his greatness. On this revised edition of his…
Mosi Reeves / November 8, 2011

The Fall, ‘Ersatz G.B.’ (MVD/Cherry red)

It's the great contradiction of the Fall's 30-odd-year career that their defiant, genre-hopping post-punk racket has, with repetition, become almost predictable. Or at least predictably…
David Peisner / November 2, 2011

Charlotte Gainsbourg, ‘Stage Whisper’ (Because/Elektra)

French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg's voice is small and unaffected (a stage whisper, indeed), but Beck, her producer-songwriter for 2010's celebrated IRM, tends toward the opposite…
Richard Gehr / November 2, 2011

The Juan MacLean, ‘Everybody Get Close’ (DFA)

Who says the Internet killed the B-side? Collecting assorted rarities, outtakes, and remixes, Everybody Get Close shows that there's more to John MacLean than his…
Philip Sherburne / November 2, 2011

U2, ‘Achtung Baby, Super Deluxe Edition’ (Island/UME)

U2 weren't known for their ambiguity, but by 1991 they'd turned into a teenager: pissy, confused, quitting sports they were good at. From Achtung Baby…
Mike Powell / November 1, 2011

Ben von Wildenhaus, ‘Great Melodies From Around’ (Riot Bear)

On Great Melodies From Around, Ben von Wildenhaus strays far from his Pacific Northwest garage-rock roots, floating somewhere in the creepy soundtrack ether, distilling bits…
Jessica Hopper / November 1, 2011

The Soft Moon, ‘Total Decay’ (Captured Tracks)

The Soft Moon's ineluctable reference point is Joy Division, but while many Factory Records disciples mimic Ian Curtis' bass-baritone delivery, this industrial-goth project from San…
Camille Dodero / November 1, 2011

Megadeth, ‘Th1rt3en’ (Roadrunner)

Those insane speed-metal guitars! Those pummeling drums! Dave Mustaine's snarling, sandpaper-and-nails voice! Megadeth might brazenly ignore the perils of self-parody, but the quartet's stubborn refusal…
Jon Young / November 1, 2011

The Decemberists, ‘Long Live the King’ (Capitol)

Given how clearly they modeled this year's chart-topping The King Is Dead on the early work of R.E.M., the Decemberists could've been expected to use…
Mikael Wood / November 1, 2011

Blouse, ‘Blouse’ (Captured Tracks)

Blouse are a hazy Portland trio who picked their name out of a dry cleaner's window and have actively identified as dream pop. But the…
Camille Dodero / November 1, 2011

Review: Lou Reed & Metallica, ‘Lulu’

Though it seems an unlikely collaboration, both artists involved here share the important distinction of riding the genius/joke line for more than half their careers.
Mike Powell / November 1, 2011

Black Milk and Danny Brown, ‘Black and Brown!’ (Fat Beats)

On Danny Brown's recent XXX mixtape, the Internet-beloved MC moved beyond his Detroit hometown's hardhead style, rapping over Hawkwind and This Heat samples in a…
Brandon Soderberg / November 1, 2011

Miranda Lambert, ‘Four the Record’ (RCA Nashville)

Miranda Lambert cowrote every song on Hell on Heels, the August debut of her country-gal trio Pistol Annies, so it's hard to fault her fourth…
Theon Weber / November 1, 2011

M.E.D., ‘Classic’ (Stones Throw)

Nick "Medaphoar" Rodriguez's second album gets the full-blown Stones Throw treatment, with Madlib's zany Sun Ra loops pinging underneath verses from indie notables (Talib Kweli,…
Mosi Reeves / November 1, 2011
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