Stalley, ‘Savage Journey to the American Dream’ (Warner Bros.)

MMG's sincere sore thumb studiously rides cushy, kush-happy Block Beattaz synth swirls.
By: Brandon Soderberg / April 3, 2012

Photek, ‘DJ-Kicks’ (!K7)

Former junglist silkily surveys deep house, techno, amorphous bass music — everything but his drum & bass wheelhouse.
By: Philip Sherburne / April 3, 2012

Dolphins Into the Future, ‘…On Sea-Faring Isolation’ (Fonal)

Daydreamer has gloopy Pierre Henry electronic sub-bubbles for the smudgewave era.
By: Christopher R. Weingarten / April 3, 2012

Zammuto, ‘Zammuto’ (Temporary Residence)

Books guitarist turns Prefused nice sprites into sunnier-than-thou "Stay High" stutter-glitch and cluster-pop.
By: Christopher R. Weingarten / April 2, 2012

Clark, ‘Iradelphic’ (Warp)

On his sixth album for Warp, former IDM outfielder flits between idiosyncratic synth warble and dreamy folk pop.
By: Philip Sherburne / April 2, 2012

Xiu Xiu, ‘Always’ (Polyvinyl)

Jamie Stewart's cutting art-rock (rape, murder, abortion) still reflects life's cruelty, but also provides pop escape.
By: Josh Modell / April 2, 2012

Mirrorring, ‘Foreign Body’ (Kranky)

Grouper and Tiny Vipers join for pastoral guitar introspection; emerge with dry, affectless float.
By: Christopher R. Weingarten / April 2, 2012

DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles, ‘The Kolexxxion’ (Gracie Productions)

Bumpy’s tales of “the Gang Starr Bus” and bitchmade MCs save an hour of drab boom-bap.
By: Mosi Reeves / April 2, 2012

Carter Tutti Void, ‘Transverse’ (Mute)

On May 13, 2011, two generations of noiseniks met at London's Roundhouse to reconcile rhythm with the legacy of the avant-garde.
By: Philip Sherburne / March 30, 2012

Delta Spirit’s Sold-Out NYC Show By the Numbers

Rootsy indie rockers Delta Spirit are one of those rare groups who sound great on record but sound even better live, their compressed MP3 form…
By: Kory Grow / March 30, 2012
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