Best Moments of Virgin Mobile FreeFest

Here was the rare show where you felt alright paying $8 for a beer and $10 for a basket of fries. After all, the tickets…
Jonathan Fischer / September 27, 2010

Ben Folds & Nick Hornby, ‘Lonely Avenue’ (Nonesuch)

Sarah Palin's daughter's baby daddy must be friggin' stoked, bro: On "Levi Johnston Blues," Lonely Avenue's two knights of music nerd-dom use their disarming pop…
William Goodman / September 25, 2010

Jimmy Eat World Launch Tour in Atlanta

Although they're credited as emo godfathers, the Tempe,AZ four-piece Jimmy Eat World have spent the better part of the lastdecade carving out a space on…
David Peisner / September 22, 2010

M.I.A. Mixes Messages at Montreal Tour Opener

Arular, Kala, // / Y / -- Maya Arulpragasm named her albums after her freedom-fighter father, her mother, and herself. It says plenty -- the…
Mark Lepage / September 22, 2010

Sharon Van Etten, ‘Epic’ (Ba Da Bing)

Equal parts lovesick and sick of love, Brooklyn drone-folkie Sharon Van Etten has cultivated a harder edge since her introspective, ethereal 2009 debut flirted with…
christopherschultz / September 21, 2010

Teengirl Fantasy, ‘7 AM’ (True Panther)

Instrumental electronica albums usually aren't known for their storytelling, but this debut from two Ohio dorm buddies plays like an actual compelling narrative. Opener "Vibes"
Spencer Kornhaber / September 21, 2010

Klaxons Unleash Rave-Worthy Set in NYC

It's been three long years since Klaxons set the British music press into another tizzy with their Mercury Prize-winning debut, Myths of the Near Future.
John Macdonald / September 21, 2010

Tim Kasher, ‘The Game of Monogamy’ (Saddle Creek)

Thirty-six seems young for a midlife crisis, but Cursive and Good Life frontman Kasher always was the precocious type. His debut solo album sports lyrics…
David Menconi / September 21, 2010

Tricky, ‘Mixed Race’ (Domino)

It seems odd that Tricky's self-professed "gangster album" may go down as the polyglot producer's most bland offering yet. Especially considering Mixed Race follows one…
Chris Martins / September 21, 2010

Drake Muses on Fame in Miami Tour Opener

To paraphrase his own lyrics, Drake really is too young to be feeling so old. His current Light Dreams and Nightmares Tour opened last night…
Arielle Castillo / September 21, 2010

Alice in Chains, Deftones, Mastodon Roar to Life

At first glance, the opening night of the Alice in Chains/Deftones/Mastodon tour proceeded in reverse order of relevance:…
Kyle Ryan / September 17, 2010

Superchunk Kick Off Tour for New Album

About a quarter of the way into Superchunk's 20-song tour-opener Thursday night on the campus of Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, frontman Mac McCaughan…
Mark Kemp / September 17, 2010

Roger Waters Kicks Off ‘Wall’ Tour

Pink Floyd's 1979 double-album opus The Wall is one of rock 'n' roll's great paradoxes. It's a conceptually dense, often disturbing song cycle that nonetheless…
Stuart Berman / September 16, 2010

Nicole Atkins Throws Rooftop Album Party!

Usually, when it's time to preview a new album, a record label holds a listening session at a bar or restaurant, or, more often, invites…
William Goodman / September 15, 2010

Bad Religion, ‘The Dissent of Man’ (Epitaph)

Three decades is a long time to stay mad. But on their 15th album, these venerable West Coast punks are as revved-up and pissed-off as…
David Menconi / September 15, 2010

Nortec Collective Presents: Bostich + Fussible, ‘Bulevar 2000′ (Nacional)

If Nortec Collective is Mexico's answer to Kraftwerk, Bulevar 2000 is their Trans-Europe Express. The second duo project by Nortec members Ramón Amezcua and Pepe…
Richard Gehr / September 14, 2010

Jay-Z and Eminem in NYC: “Illest” Show Ever

New York and Detroit aren't exactly sister cities. And that fact was brought into stark relief at Monday's Yankee Stadium opener of Jay-Z and Eminem's…
Charles Aaron / September 14, 2010

Of Montreal & Janelle Monae Kick Off Tour

The night before the release of its exuberant new album False Priest, Of Montreal began its U.S. tour with the first of two sold-out shows…
Mark Jenkins / September 14, 2010

Mars Volta Guitarist’s New Band Makes U.S. Debut

Since the 2001 dissolution of post-hardcore heroes At The Drive-In, guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez formed the Mars Volta, produced artists like Juliette Lewis, and released a…
Marc Hawthorne / September 14, 2010

Sheryl Crow Soulful in Los Angeles

Considering everything Sheryl Crow has been through the past few years--a battle with breast cancer, her tabloid-chronicled breakup with Lance Armstrong, her high-profile roles as…
Kevin Bronson / September 13, 2010
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