Black Breath, ‘Sentenced to Life’ (Southern Lord)

A swift, death/thrash-infused hardcore gallop limping in the wake of All Pigs Must Die.
By: Christopher R. Weingarten / March 27, 2012

Les Discrets, ‘Ariettes Oubliées…’ (Prophecy)

French shoegazing post-metal épique jams too often ruined by goth-monk chant-moaning.
By: Kory Grow / March 27, 2012

Paul Van Dyk, ‘Evolution’ (Vandit)

When a Kenny G clone supplies the sole deviation from boilerplate trance, you know something's awry.
By: Barry Walters / March 27, 2012

La Sera, ‘Sees the Light’ (Hardly Art)

Vivian Girl’s alluring side trip deletes punk noise, creates a neon pop mirage that’s sweet and never sappy.
By: Jon Young / March 26, 2012

Astra, ‘The Black Chord’ (Metal Blade)

Prog revisionists do Moog/guitar duels, G-force time changes, stoned sage vocals. Best title: “Quake Meat.”…
By: David Marchese / March 26, 2012

The Decemberists, ‘We All Raise Our Voices To The Air (Live Songs 04.11-08.11)’ (Capitol)

Last decade's Counting Crows quaver and charm though two hours of live geek hits.
By: David Bevan / March 26, 2012

Sendai, ‘Geotope’ (Time to Express)

Belgian duo's eerie bunker techno is more fallout than blast, all ashen hues, static sizzle and catacombs reverb.
By: Philip Sherburne / March 26, 2012

Elephant Micah ‘Louder Than Thou’ (Product of Palmyra)

Baited by folk-rock mores, six dense songs of spider-webbed impressions. Often profound, rarely pat.
By: Grayson Currin / March 26, 2012

Young Prisms, ‘In Between’ (Kanine)

Sun-bleached gazers shed some reverb and slowdive into Mazzy waters. A midnight dip that occasionally drags.
By: Melissa Giannini / March 26, 2012

Meshuggah, ‘Koloss’ (Nuclear Blast)

Nothing feels safe when you're listening to Meshuggah. An average song by the Swedish metal extremists sounds like they took 30 seconds of Slayer's Reig…
By: Kory Grow / March 26, 2012
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