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Plants and Animals, ‘The End of That’ (Secret City)

Never decide between Arcade Fire and classic rock again. But choose either over this pastiche.
Josh Modell / March 1, 2012

Hodgy Beats, ‘Untitled’ (self-released)

Solid though slight, with star-packed production credits and rap-raps, this OF release is the anti-Goblin.
Brandon Soderberg / March 1, 2012

Y La Bamba, ‘Court The Storm’ (Tender Loving Empire)

Delightfully tweaked Mexifolk brings Luz Elena Mendoza ever closer to being crowned the Latin-rock Feist.
Caryn Ganz / March 1, 2012

Tetras, ‘Pareidolia’ (Flingco)

By turns bracing and graceful, this Swiss drums/bass/organ trio makes improv safe for dabblers and drone freaks.
Philip Sherburne / March 1, 2012

Chiddy Bang, ‘Breakfast’ (Virgin)

The Philly duo refines fame-obsessed mall-rap with sugary pop, heartfelt lyrics and, sadly, forgettable songs.
Mosi Reeves / March 1, 2012

Chieftains, ‘Voice of Ages’ (Hear)

Irish trad-folk legends celebrate their 50th with collabos, put Bon Iver's falsetto to beautiful use.
David Bevan / March 1, 2012

Hunx, ‘Hairdresser Blues’ (Hardly Art)

Smartass punker pauses his Punx, mourns Jay Reatard and salutes Bay City Rollers with typical charm.
Jon Young / March 1, 2012

Masaki Batoh, ‘Brain Pulse Music’ (Drag City)

Extracted brain waves and placid, windchimey ritual music reveal the ghosts in our machines.
Christopher R. Weingarten / March 1, 2012

Tyga, ‘Careless World: Rise of the Last King’ (Young Money/Cash Money/Universal)

Typically, the path to rap stardom only runs in one direction: First you have the streets, then you have the charts. Tyga is the rare…
Andrew Nosnitsky / March 1, 2012

fun., ‘Some Nights’ (Fueled by Ramen)

The redemptive power of rock and roll is essential to the genre's mystique: It saves lives, it sets nights on fire, so on and so…
Maura Johnston / March 1, 2012

Memoryhouse , ‘The Slideshow Effect’ (Sub Pop)

Sun-kissed Beach House squatters, the duo relieves suburban ennui through lazy daydream-weaving.
Puja Patel / February 29, 2012

BBU, ‘Bell Hooks’ (Mishka)

Forget Chicago juke: This year’s about killing billionaires, Nirvana/Ultramagnetic loops, and clowning white folks.
Mosi Reeves / February 29, 2012

Damien Jurado, ‘Maraqopa’ (Secretly Canadian)

Sad-sack songwriter, 10 albums in, still finds ways to add color: this time via light psych and Roy Orbison.
Josh Modell / February 29, 2012

Otis Taylor, ‘Otis Taylor’s Contraband’ (Telarc)

Gruff trance-blues master inspires cold chills in hot tales of desire and racial angst.
Jon Young / February 29, 2012

Locrian & Mamiffer, ‘Bless Them That Curse You’ (Sige/Utech)

Chamber-doom collabo brings out sinister beauty, minimal smog-making, the best in both.
Christopher R. Weingarten / February 29, 2012
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