Moonface, ‘With Siinai: Heartbreaking Bravery’ (Jagjaguwar)

Spencer Krug presents his work directly. Since adopting his Moonface moniker, the ultra-prolific, increasingly nomadic Canadian singer-songwriter (formerly of Wolf Parade and Sunset Rubdown) ha…
David Bevan / April 19, 2012

Jack White, ‘Blunderbuss’ (Columbia/Third Man)

The first time I saw the White Stripes, in 1999, everyone walked out with one question: Who looks at his sister like that? At each…
Steve Kandell / April 19, 2012

Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, ‘Jazz Mind’ (Load)

Baltimore beat-punx surge forth like a two-man Pop Group, Swans as a funk band, PiL as LiveJournal.
Christopher R. Weingarten / April 19, 2012

Battles, ‘Dross Glop’ (Warp)

Remixed, the band’s colorful antics yield disco-pop, futuristic carnival jams and, oddly, grey-scale techno.
Philip Sherburne / April 19, 2012

Bleeding Knees Club, ‘Nothing to Do’ (IAMSOUND)

Two snots playing ’60s-inspired Brill Building pop with the joyous punk energy of millennial…
Josh Modell / April 19, 2012

Loudon Wainwright III, ‘Older Than My Old Man Now’ (Story Sound)

Darkly amusing multigenerational affair ponders sex, death, taxing relationships.
Richard Gehr / April 19, 2012

Jason Mraz, ‘Love is a Four Letter Word’ (ATG/Atlantic)

Contentment passed off as spiritual achievement — and when the hook’s just right, kinda credibly.
Keith Harris / April 19, 2012

SWV, ‘I Missed Us’ (eOne)

Everything bright, tight and transcendent about this R&B trio’s ’90s hits are reprised here in high harmony style.
Barry Walters / April 18, 2012

Homeboy Sandman, ‘Chimera’ (Stones Throw)

Bubbling, birth-of-the-earth, primordial production paired with quasi-#Based calls for empathy and verity.
Christopher R. Weingarten / April 18, 2012

Dragonforce, ‘The Power Within’ (RRR)

Even with a new singer, the power metallers’ shredder miasma just lands between Maiden and Helloween.
Kory Grow / April 18, 2012
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