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James Murphy Gets Political on LCD Soundsystem’s “Call the Police”

LCD Soundsystem released two new songs tonight, "Call the Police" and "American Dream." While the latter is a classically LCD song about the crush of aging,…
Ian Servantes / May 5, 2017

Stream Blondie’s New Album Pollinator

Blondie releases their 11th album tonight, Pollinator. This latest effort marks a return for Debbie Harry and company to their roots after going flirting with a…
Ian Servantes / May 5, 2017

Stream Perfume Genius’ New Album No Shape

Following a steady stream of new material, Seattle songwriter Perfume Genius has returned with a new album, his fourth. Titled No Shape, this one follows 2014's Too…
Rob Arcand / May 5, 2017

Stream Mac DeMarco’s New Album This Old Dog

So far this year, Mac DeMarco has covered Limp Bizkit in concert, eaten hot wings on camera, and put his bandmate's faces on billboards, all while…
Rob Arcand / May 4, 2017

Stream Slowdive’s First New Album Since 1995

Slowdive is back tonight with a new self-titled album, their first since reuniting in 2014. The album is their fourth, but their first offering in more than…
Ian Servantes / May 4, 2017

Listen to LCD Soundsystem’s Comeback Singles “Call The Police” & “American Dream”

With a performance on Saturday Night Live set for this weekend, LCD Soundsystem have unveiled two new singles "Call the Police" and "American Dream," which they…
Rob Arcand / May 4, 2017

Chromatics’ Johnny Jewel Announces New Album Not Called Dear Tommy

Johnny Jewel of Chromatics has announced a new album called Windswept. It features music from the upcoming third season of Twin Peaks, and it's set to be released May…
Anna Gaca / May 4, 2017

The Rumors of a Led Zeppelin Reunion at Desert Trip Seem a Little Spotty So Far

Desert Trip, also known as Oldchella, the legacy-oriented music festival in Indio, California, had a lineup stacked with legends for its inaugural edition last year, with Paul…
Andy Cush / May 4, 2017

You Can Vote for Wilco to Play One of Their Albums in Full at Solid Sound Festival

What’s the best Wilco album? That’s easy: Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Except maybe you like Being There better, or A Ghost Is Born, or The Whole Love. You certainly could make…
Chris DeVille, Stereogum / May 4, 2017

Kodak Black Sentenced Up to 364 Days in Jail for Breaking House Arrest

Kodak Black has received a sentence of up to 364 days in county jail after being found guilty of violating his house arrest, the Sun Sentinel reports.
Brian Josephs / May 4, 2017

HBO Is Developing Multiple Game of Thrones Spinoffs

Variety reports that the bubbling rumors about a Game of Thrones followup serie are, in fact, true--or at least very, very likely. No projects have yet been confirmed,…
Winston Cook-Wilson / May 4, 2017

Democrats Chanting “Na Na, Hey Hey, Goodbye” on the House Floor Today Was a Pretty Bad Look

After multiple failed attempts, Republicans in the House of Representatives passed a replacement for the Affordable Care Act this afternoon, a bill that at one…
Andy Cush / May 4, 2017

LCD Soundsystem – “Call the Police”

LCD Soundsystem is releasing two songs tonight. Hear a good chunk of the first song, "Call the Police," below via BBC. (They play the first…
Jeremy Gordon / May 4, 2017

Mac DeMarco Pranks His Bandmate With a Billboard of His Face

If you are friends with Mac DeMarco, you might suddenly wake up to see a gigantic photo of your face plastered above a major intersection…
Tom Breihan / May 4, 2017

Kim and Kanye Launch Children’s Clothing Line

Kanye West is entering yet another new fashion arena following his recent jewelry line and his regular old Yeezy fashion line. Today, Kim Kardashian announced…
James Rettig / May 4, 2017
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