Futureheads Record in a Barn

Maybe the Futureheads weren't born in a barn, but they are recording in one: A post on the band's website says that the Futureheads spent…
SPIN Staff / January 5, 2006

Chili Peppers Bum Rush the Stadium

After twenty years, eight albums, and several trips to rehab, the Red Hot Chili Peppers are still forging ahead with gusto: The band is preparing…
SPIN Staff / January 5, 2006

Strokes Offer First Impressions of First Impressions

This week, the Strokes are going to offer fans in Chicago, Seattle, L.A., and Atlanta a first impression of their new album, First Impressions of…
SPIN Staff / January 4, 2006

Mogwai Unleashes the Beast

Mogwai will hit the road in '06 in support of their new album, Mr. Beast, which comes out March 7 on Matador. According to Mogwai'…
SPIN Staff / January 4, 2006

Noel Talks Oasis EP Plans

Noel Gallagher, the rock star with the dirtiest mouth of the British Isles, told that Oasis will likely release an EP this summer featuring…
SPIN Staff / January 4, 2006

Moz Rocks Manchester

It's time to break out the mutton chops and start crying yourself to sleep again: Morrissey is coming out with a new album in March,…
SPIN Staff / January 3, 2006

New Hot Hot Heat Album Inspired by Tour Antics

Those bad boys of Canadian dance rock, Hot Hot Heat, are looking to go back into the studio this spring, singer Steve Bays tells
SPIN Staff / January 3, 2006

Early Radiohead Demos Leaked

The fansite,, has unearthed eighteen early Radiohead tracks from two different demos, one from 1988, and one from 1990. The first demo, recorded whe…
SPIN Staff / January 3, 2006

New Releases: January 3, 2006

Here's our rundown of what's new and noteworthy in record stores this week.
SPIN Staff / January 3, 2006

Grateful Dead Songwriter Attempts Novel

After years of performing for scads of hippies, the Grateful Dead's principle songwriter, Robert Hunter, is living the acetic life these days, writing novels i…
SPIN Staff / December 30, 2005
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