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Watch Rae Sremmurd Perform “Black Beatles” With Jon Batiste on Colbert

"Black Beatles" may no longer be #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, but it will remain SPIN's #1 song of 2016 forever. The good young…
Winston Cook-Wilson / February 10, 2017

As I Lay Dying Frontman Who Tried to Hire Hitman to Kill His Wife Released From Prison

Two and a half years after he was convicted of trying to hire an undercover cop to murder his estranged wife, As I Lay Dying…
Taylor Berman / February 9, 2017

Jack White Alludes to Trump at Pre-Grammys Event: “We Should Build Bridges Instead of Walls”

Last night, Jack White was the honoree at the 10th annual Producers & Engineers Wing’s pre-Grammy gathering. Introduced as a "renaissance person" by Recording Academy…
Taylor Berman / February 9, 2017

Prince’s Music Is Officially Coming to Streaming Services This Sunday

After being a TIDAL exclusive since July 2015, Prince's Warner Bros. catalog is set to drop on multiple streaming services this Grammy Sunday. Napster confirmed…
Brian Josephs / February 9, 2017

Watch Flo Morrissey and Matthew E. White Perform Their Excellent “Grease” Cover on Colbert

Flo Morrissey and Matthew E. White's Gentlewoman, Ruby Man is a record filled with confounding covers, and none more so than their smoky and lithe duet on the…
Andy Cush / February 9, 2017

Ryan Adams Emails Bryan Adams Every Year on Their Shared Birthday

A new New York Times essay by Ryan Adams gives a detailed account of the first night the singer-songwriter was properly heckled. It wasn't just any heckle:…
Winston Cook-Wilson / February 9, 2017

Jimmy Fallon Finally Kinda Addresses Rubbing Donald Trump on the Head

Last night, NBC late-night host Seth Meyers was a guest on more famous NBC late-night host Jimmy Fallon's show, which already feels a little rude.
Anna Gaca / February 9, 2017

They’re Already Talking About Reviving American Idol

After a 15-season run, American Idol ended last year. Now, Variety reports there's already talks of a revival. NBC, who already has the singing reality show…
Brian Josephs / February 9, 2017

Please Enjoy David Crosby’s 5-Word Burn of Fleet Foxes

If you're not checking David Crosby's Twitter every day, I'm not sure how you're getting through these bleak times. Today--just a couple days after firing off an excellent…
Winston Cook-Wilson / February 9, 2017

Original Handwritten Lyrics Show Smash Mouth’s “All Star” Was Almost a Much Darker Song

Smash Mouth's "All Star" is a motivational speech wrapped in a pop song. "Hey now! You're a rock star, get the show on, get paid,"
Andy Cush / February 9, 2017

Universal Acquires Rights to Prince’s Independent Albums, Vault of Unreleased Music

Rumors been flying around this week about some of Prince's catalogue being added imminently to streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music, to which the singer…
Winston Cook-Wilson / February 9, 2017

Donald Trump’s Meeting With Airline CEOs Has Me Convinced I’m Going to Die in a Plane Crash

This morning in the White House, Donald Trump met yet again with a group of intensely reviled amoralists whose only purpose in life is to drain wealth and happiness…
Jordan Sargent / February 9, 2017

Let’s Remember Win Butler’s Hilarious Pass From the 2015 NBA Celebrity All-Star Game

Today, the NBA announced the participants for the annual celebrity All-Star game, which takes place during the NBA's All-Star weekend. Arcade Fire's Win Butler will…
Jeremy Gordon / February 9, 2017

Katherine Jackson, Jackson Family Matriarch, Files Lawsuit Alleging Abuse at Hands of Nephew

Katherine Jackson, the matriarch of the storied Jackson family, has filed a lawsuit alleging abuse at the hands of her nephew, Trent Lamar Jackson, as People…
Jeremy Gordon / February 9, 2017

Watch Ty Segall Play “Break a Guitar” on Seth Meyers

The one and only Ty Segall hit Late Night With Seth Meyers last night, tearing through the great single "Break a Guitar" from his latest self-titled album while sporting a fringed…
Anna Gaca / February 9, 2017
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