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Haley Bonar Wants to Have a Word With Your ‘Stupid Face’

You might not have heard someone called a "stupid face" since you were in 7th grade, but somehow Haley Bonar makes the insult sound grown-up,…
Maya Lewis / July 20, 2016

Blanck Mass Commands the Dance Floor on the Shuddering ‘D7-D5′

Benjamin John Power doesn't appear to be super-busy with F**k Buttons right now, seeing as the last time the post-apocalyptic instrumental project's founding member released…
Rachel Brodsky / July 20, 2016

Sex Stains Make Their 60-Second Entrance With ‘Don’t Hate Me ‘Cuz I’m Beautiful’

Sex Stains is the appropriately confrontational name for the new rock supergroup fronted by Allison Wolfe of riot grrrl standard-bearers Bratmobile. Wolfe is joined in…
Andrew Unterberger / July 19, 2016

The Shondes Think You’re ‘Everything Good’

Having a reputation for producing anthems can be a bit of a heavy burden but somehow the Shondes, one of Brooklyn’s finest feminist punk bands,…
Maya Lewis / July 19, 2016

‘Wait Up,’ Prinze George Are Only Getting Started

Brooklyn-based indie pop trio Prinze George is a group to watch, and not just because Forbes said so. Based in Maryland, Kenny Grimm (production), Naomi…
Krista Caproni / July 18, 2016

SPIN’s 7 Favorite Songs of the Week: A.G. Cook, Black Marble, and More

Welcome to our weekly roundup of the SPIN staff’s favorite new songs. Below, sample the best from helium-sucking pop satirists, post-punk disciples, and more.
SPIN Staff / July 15, 2016

The Channels Patent the Melody of Weirdness on ‘The Same Thing’

"We’ve been trying to do the same thing," avers Wes Kaplan of the punk question mark that is the Channels. Either Kaplan is being ironic…
Matt Malone / July 14, 2016

Wyatt Blair Proves There Is No Such Thing as Unrevivable ’80s on ‘Monday Morning Mess’

For as long as the 1980s have been distant enough to be considered retro, bands aiming to evoke the era have loaded up on synths,…
Andrew Unterberger / July 12, 2016

Jamila Woods Searches for ‘Heavn’ on Debut Album

This has been a pretty good year for Chicago's young talent. In the months after Kanye West's God-fearing beast of a new album hit TIDAL, Chance the Rapper…
Brian Josephs / July 11, 2016

SPIN’s 7 Favorite Songs of the Week: ScHoolboy Q, Crystal Castles, and More

Welcome to our weekly roundup of the SPIN staff’s favorite new songs. Below, sample the best from TDE consiglieres, electro-punk cool kids, and more.
SPIN Staff / July 8, 2016

Creative Adult Use Growling Riffs to ‘Heal’ Themselves on New Track

A Fear of Life may not be a phobia familiar to all, though Creative Adult’s traumatic past justifies their connection to their second LP’s title.
Matt Malone / July 7, 2016

Take a Stroll Down Blue States’ ‘Vision Trail’ on Ethereal New Song

After a nine-year hiatus, Blue States are back with celestial new track "Vision Trail." The ever-evolving group is the project of Greek musician Andy Dragazis, falling…
Maya Lewis / July 6, 2016

Strange Relations’ ‘Going Out’ Is a Great Reason to Stay in Today

Minneapolis trio Strange Relations certainly don't sound like your classic Twin Cities indie idols, eschewing the shredded-heart urgency of Hüsker Dü and the Replacements to…
Andrew Unterberger / July 6, 2016

Michete Plays With Dolls and Minds in ‘Come Get It, Daddy’ Video

If you've heard Michete's hilarious and affecting spoken-word club throwback "Come Get It, Daddy," you could probably wager an educated guess that the accompanying video…
Andrew Unterberger / July 6, 2016

angelic milk Gnaw Through Expectation on Age-Defying New Single ‘Tie Me Up’

angelic milk, the former solo project of angst-filled, bedroom-ridden Russian teen Sarah Persephona and current indie four-piece (Facebook-memorialized as "too lo-fi to live, too gothpop…
Krista Caproni / July 5, 2016

Twist Celebrate Self-Confidence on New Single ‘Can’t Wait’

Twist's lineup hasn't always been easy to pin down. Aside from the Toronto act's core members, singer-songwriter Laura Hermiston and Holy F**k’s Brian Borchedt, a number of artists…
Matt Malone / July 5, 2016

SPIN’s 7 Favorite Songs of the Week: Blood Orange, Dyke Drama, and More

Welcome to our weekly roundup of the SPIN staff’s favorite new songs. Below, sample the best from New York experimentalists, atmospheric R&B aficionados, and more.
SPIN Staff / July 1, 2016

Animal Collective’s Deakin Offers a Thwomping, Pristine Remix to Niagara’s ‘Hyperocean’

When focusing on their own work, Animal Collective have a unique tendency to conjure up all sorts of chaos around simple pop melodies. But when…
Matt Malone / June 30, 2016

Listen to Alcatraz Harry’s Hypnotic ‘Ode to Frankfurt’ Off Jackmaster’s ‘DJ Kicks’

Something about a bouncy instrumental can send you into a trance on the dance floor, especially when a song like "Ode to Frankfurt" by Alcatraz…
Maya Lewis / June 29, 2016

GØGGS Explore Los Angeles’ Seedy Underbelly on Raucous Debut LP

GØGGS — a.k.a. the super-trio of Ex-Cult vocalist Chris Shaw, lo-fi renaissance man Ty Segall, and Segall's Fuzz bandmate Charles Moothart's — have been planning a collaboration for three…
Rachel Brodsky / June 27, 2016
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