Watch: Riverboat Gamblers Cover Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy”

After accepting our invitation to contribute a cover of Prince's "Let's Go Crazy" to SPIN's Purple Rain tribute album, punk quintet Riverboat Gamblers didn't feel…
Ray Padgett / June 30, 2009

Watch: Dirty Projectors Debut New Video

Brooklyn art rockers the Dirty Projectors have released a video for R&B-inflected Bitte Orca track "Stillness Is the Move." And unlike Jay-Z's new video, this…
Melissa Goldstein / June 30, 2009

Watch: Leighton Meester Stars in New Cobra Starship Video

Flashy outfits, booze, gambling, and Leighton Meester back-stabbing via text message -- it's the recipe for a juicy episode of Gossip Girl. But this youthful…
Anna Hyclak / June 29, 2009

Jay-Z Debuts “D.O.A.” Video

It's one thing to announce the "Death Of Auto-Tune." But it's quite another to get Harvey Keitel and LeBron James involved.
Melissa Goldstein / June 28, 2009

Watch: Beck Covers Velvet Underground’s “Waiting For My Man”

Last week, Beck unveiled a cover of the Velvet Underground's "Sunday Morning" as part of his new Record Club. He promised weekly updates covering all…
Ray Padgett / June 26, 2009

Hot New Download: Spiral Stairs, ‘Maltese Terrier’

Since Pavement split in 1999, frontman Stephen Malkmus has earned the most attention as a solo artist. But the release of The Real Feel, Pavement…
William Goodman / June 25, 2009

Watch: The Roots Debut New Tune On ‘Late Night’

The Roots debuted the title track from their upcoming album, How I Got Over, last night on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, where they also…
Melissa Goldstein / June 25, 2009

Hot New Download: Cass McCombs

Born in Concord, CA, moody singer-songwriter Cass McCombs moved to New York City in his early '20s and hasn't stopped traveling since. He's spent time…
Anna Hyclak / June 24, 2009

Watch: Jet’s Dizzying ‘Teen Wolf’ Video

Hey, remember Jet? Those four shambolic Aussies whose ubiquitous, Iggy Pop-aping first single, 2003's "Are You Gonna Be My Girl," appeared in TV shows, video…
William Goodman / June 24, 2009

Watch: 50 Cent’s Sensitive Slow Jam

Either 50 Cent has been secretly collaborating with the Flight of the Conchords team, or he's just been hording his "master of satire" abilities until…
Melissa Goldstein / June 24, 2009

Welcome to Lily Allen’s Fantasy World

It's already been made abundantly clear that Lily Allen doesn't suffer fools.
Melissa Goldstein / June 23, 2009

Watch: Green Day’s “21 Guns” Music Video

Love conquers all -- even a barrage of gunfire.
Larry Fitzmaurice / June 22, 2009

Watch Acoustic Sets from Backstage at Bonnaroo!

Sadly, we weren't allowed to build an actual fire at our Bonnaroo campsite, but we still kept a "Kumbayah" spirit afloat by inviting some of…
SPIN Staff / June 17, 2009

Exclusive: Live Video from Cool Band, Dredg

Bay Area progressive rock act Dredg has been known to find inspiration for songs and albums in pretty lofty places. The band's 2002 album El…
Anna Hyclak / June 17, 2009

Artist Interviews from Bonnaroo: Day 4

Bonnaroo's fourth day brought a healthy dose of sunshine -- a splendid surprise given the severe thunderstorm warnings that existed all weekend but never materialized…
SPIN Staff / June 14, 2009

Artist Interviews from Bonnaroo: Day 2

At Bonnaroo's Budweiser Troo Music Lounge, a little oasis where fans cool off, browse the internet, and have a cold one, up-and-coming acts took the…
SPIN Staff / June 13, 2009

Artist Interviews from Bonnaroo: Day 3

On Bonnaroo's third day of action, artists continued to visit with SPIN's Peter Gaston at the Budweiser Troo Music Lounge for interviews and fan questions.
SPIN Staff / June 13, 2009

Watch: Linkin Park Debuts ‘Transformers’ Theme

Transformers fans may have to wait until June 24 for Revenge of the Fallen to hit theaters, but Linkin Park's got something to whet appetites…
Anna Hyclak / June 12, 2009

Artist Interviews from Bonnaroo: Day 1

Apart from taking in all the awesome bands at this year's Bonnaroo festival,'s also been gabbing with some of this year's hottest performers, both…
SPIN Staff / June 12, 2009

Watch: Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman Live in NYC

Dresden Dolls songstress Amanda Palmer and Coraline author Neil Gaiman joined forces for's Liner Notes event June 3, playing songs and reading stories for…
William Goodman / June 10, 2009
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