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Hear Ty Segall’s Psych-Disco Instrumental ‘Music for a Film 1′

Ty Segall is a multifaceted dude. The garage-punk hero put out albums last year under his own name, with Ty Segall Band, and in collaboration with White…
Marc Hogan / April 29, 2013

See Depeche Mode Perform 1986’s ‘But Not Tonight’ Live for the First Time

Depeche Mode are on the cusp of kicking off their much-anticipated world tour in support of the recently released Delta Machine, but the English goth…
Kyle McGovern / April 29, 2013

Hear Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ Turned Into Bleak Folk Music

You may have thought you didn't need to hear yet another version of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky," but that was before you realized what English trio…
Chris Martins / April 29, 2013

Dan Deacon GIFs Baltimore Artists in Interactive ‘Konono Ripoff No. 1′ Video

Dan Deacon's Record Store Day single "Konono Ripoff Nº1," named for Congolese junkyard percussion maestros Konono Nº1, offers two versions of the same song, each…
Marc Hogan / April 29, 2013

Hear Young L’s ‘Drive’-ing New Single ‘Coupe Life’

Though Young L is known mostly for his affiliation with weirdo superstar Lil B, he's long been carving out a singular solo career of his…
Jordan Sargent / April 29, 2013

Here’s What Happens at the Knife’s Bonkers Live Show

The Knife launched their tour on Friday night, and the two concerts the electro-pop adventurers have performed so far are shaping up to be as…
Marc Hogan / April 29, 2013

Watch Vampire Weekend’s Full Steve Buscemi-Directed Concert Webcast

Last night, Vampire Weekend played New York City's Roseland Ballroom, and the great character actor Steve Buscemi directed a live webcast of the performance. (We…
Marc Hogan / April 29, 2013

CREEP Announce ‘echoes’ LP With Lush, Planningtorock-Enriched ‘Introduction’

Over the past three years, Brooklyn production duo CREEP have delivered haunting remixes of songs by Memory Tapes, She Wants Revenge, and School of Seven Bells. But…
Kyle McGovern / April 29, 2013

Stream Coma’s Pop-Infused Kompakt Debut ‘In Technicolor’

"It always comes and goes in waves," says Michael Mayer of Kompakt's tendency to oscillate between anthemic techno and more esoteric electronic pop. "It's nothing…
Philip Sherburne / April 29, 2013

Hear Les Savy Fav Frontman Tim Harrington’s Kid-Friendly ‘This Little Piggy’

Most people are familiar with the little piggy that went to market, the little piggy that stayed home, the little piggy that had roast beef,…
Kyle McGovern / April 29, 2013

Watch Obama Brush Jay-Z Off His Shoulder at White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Saturday night the Washington, D.C., establishment held its annual fete to itself, the White House Correspondents' Dinner, and once again President Barack Obama managed to…
Marc Hogan / April 29, 2013

Hear Atoms for Peace’s Clattering ‘Magic Beanz’

Atoms for Peace bros Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich DJed French radio show Nova Club Saturday night (April 27), and debuted new track "Magic Beanz"
Nicole Sia / April 28, 2013

Survival Burn All of Their Instruments in ‘Tragedy of the Mind’ Video

Hunter Hunt-Hendrix has made his name screeching and shredding in black metal outfit Liturgy, but he's got a softer side, too, evidenced by his a…
Chris Martins / April 27, 2013

Watch Yellowbirds’ Hand-Cut Animated ‘Young Men of Promise’ Video

On May 28, former Apollo Sunshine singer Sam Cohen will release the second album from his Yellowbirds, a band which parlays the man's knack for…
Chris Martins / April 27, 2013

Watch Hologram Feist Play ‘How Come You Never Go There’ in Three Cities at Once

Goodbye Holo-Pac, hello Holo-Feist. Broken Social Scene matriarch, occasional black metal dabbler, and oak-sturdy solo artist Leslie Feist played in three Canadian cities at the…
Chris Martins / April 27, 2013
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