Stream Charli XCX’s ‘Supergirls Superlove’ Mix

Charli XCX's SoundCloud promises a "boy version" of this mix soon, but who needs it? The London electro-soul dynamo, one of SPIN's Best New Artists…
Marc Hogan / April 12, 2012

Hear B.o.B and Taylor Swift’s Gooey Duet ‘Both of Us’

B.o.B broke through as a mixtape rapper with an unlikely coffeehouse-troubadour streak, and his first big commercial successes also tended to cross genre (and racial)…
Marc Hogan / April 12, 2012

Listen to Joey Ramone’s Posthumous Gem ‘Rock ‘N Roll Is the Answer’

More evidence Joey Ramone rocks harder after death than most do while alive has arrived — listen to the new single from Ramone's upcoming posthumous…
SPIN Staff / April 12, 2012

Yuck’s Fuzzed-Out ‘Chew’: A Shoegaze-Tinged Jaw-Dropper

Yuck will roll into Coachella this weekend with one more reason to pick their Friday afternoon set over stiff competition from Kendrick Lamar and EMA.
Marc Hogan / April 12, 2012

Hear Memoryhouse Remix Tycho’s Celestial ‘Dive’

Under the name Tycho, San Francisco producer and graphic designer Scott Hansen has long proved himself a master of supremely intelligent, intensely emotional electronic soundscapes.
David Marchese / April 12, 2012

Obtain Prinzhorn Dance School’s ‘I Want You’

Three months after DFA outliers and Brighton-based minimalist indie rock duo Prinzhorn Dance School dropped their first full-length in nearly five years (January's lovelyClay Class)…
David Bevan / April 12, 2012

Hear SpaceGhostPurrp’s Relatively Clear-Eyed ‘Bringing Tha Phonk 2012′

SpaceGhostPurrp's transition from woozy mixtape rapper to an artist signed to illustrious dream-pop imprint 4AD promises to be one of this year's more fascinating evolutions.
Marc Hogan / April 11, 2012

Hipster Moron Brags About Being a Hipster Moron in ‘New York Times Magazine’

One should always be suspicious of nostalgia for a supposedly more pure or idyllic time. Too often, when you dig a little deeper, you uncover…
Brandon Soderberg / April 11, 2012

Hear Alvin Risk’s Head-Spinning ‘Infinity’

Alvin Risk is having a moment. Having just delivered a remix of fun.'s megasplash "We Are Young," the nascent producer and signee to former tourmate…
David Bevan / April 11, 2012

Download a Churning Post-Punk Mood Piece From Ed Schrader’s Music Beat

Baltimore's Ed Schrader has built a wildman reputation for mixing shirtless, Mark Stewart-style post-punk free-association with completely unhinged tom-tom bashing — and, starkly, pretty much…
Christopher R. Weingarten / April 11, 2012

Grab Rosenkopf’s Hardcore Hybrid ‘Burning Spirits’

Though some argue that hardcore is more a worldview than just a strain of punk, its influence can be heard more and more outside its…
David Bevan / April 11, 2012

Listen to White Lung’s Hot-to-the-Touch ‘Take the Mirror’

Good morning! Below, please find White Lung's "Take the Mirror," a hunk of hot-to-the-touch, hardcore-informed noise that packs 20 years of punk moves into two…
David Bevan / April 11, 2012

EDM Made EZ: Really? Not Really.

Many have wondered why electronic dance music is currently enjoying such unprecedented success in the United States. A while back, a columnist at Forbes magazine,…
Philip Sherburne / April 11, 2012

First Spin: Lee Bannon’s ‘Caligula Theme Music’ EP

This blog has spent plenty of time piling on superlatives in praise of Lee Bannon (innovative producer on par with Clams Casino, and creator of…
Brandon Soderberg / April 11, 2012

Stream White Suns’ Blistering Noise-Punk Dronescape ‘Sinews’

New York skingrater crew White Suns have unleashed a noise-punk masterpiece with their new 40-minute voidscape Sinews. After helping lead the charge of new NYC…
Christopher R. Weingarten / April 10, 2012

Here We Go Magic Ask ‘How Do I Know’ on Love-Buzzed Song

"Is this love?" is a familiar question in pop songs, and with good reason. Now comes Here We Go Magic's take on the trope, from…
Marc Hogan / April 10, 2012

See At the Drive-In Play Their First Show in 11 Years

Omar Rodríguez-López has bluntly acknowledged that the reunion of his pre-Mars Volta band with Cedric Bixler-Zavala is money-oriented, nostalgia-driven, and unlikely to give birth to…
Marc Hogan / April 10, 2012

Video Premiere: Cursive’s Chilling ‘This House Alive’

For "This House Alive," a foul-tempered, tightly coiled cut from their recently released I Am Gemini, Nebraska emo vets Cursive have shared a Kevin Slack-directed…
David Bevan / April 10, 2012

Watch Full Foo Fighters and Arctic Monkeys Sets From Lollapalooza Brazil

Last year Perry Farrell debuted the first-ever Lollapalooza Chile, and this year that massive event's return was joined by the inaugural Lollapalooza Brazil, which took…
Marc Hogan / April 10, 2012

Black Lips Wanna ‘Dance With You’ on Unreleased Track

It's awfully sweet that Atlanta troublemakers the Black Lips request your presence on the dance floor; but if this unreleased B-side from the band's new…
Steve Kandell / April 10, 2012
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