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Hear Bent Shapes’ Sprawling Mini-Epic ‘Big Machines’

Bent Shapes have released a steady output of 7-inch vinyl and cassette tapes since forming in 2009, but the Boston trio will finally unleash their…
Kyle McGovern / July 8, 2013

Tour Unknown’s Geometrically-Enhanced Forest in ‘I Cry’ Video

Northern Irish producer Unknown is well named, but only because his true identity has been successfully protected thus far. The man's work is turning heads…
Chris Martins / July 8, 2013

Beck Brings ‘Song Reader’ Off the Page With Jarvis Cocker and Franz Ferdinand in London

While the United States was celebrating its Independence Day on July 4, Beck was in London liberating his Song Reader material from a format with a…
Marc Hogan / July 8, 2013

Watch the Replacements Rehearse ‘Favorite Thing’ in Latest Itty-Bitty Video

We can name that tune in... three notes. In the 19-second video above, posted to Facebook Wednesday (July 3), the two members who constitute the…
Nicole Sia / July 4, 2013

Jay-Z’s ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ Leaks Outside the Samsung Galaxy

That didn't take long. Jay-Z's Magna Carta Holy Grail sold a milli before it debuted exclusively on Samsung phones at midnight this morning (July 4),…
Nicole Sia / July 4, 2013

Timbaland Reveals the Secrets of Jay-Z’s ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ in Intimate Interview

Jay-Z's Magna Carta Holy Grail arrives tomorrow, July 4, and though we've learned much about the man's 12th studio album โ€” the cover art, the…
Chris Martins / July 4, 2013

Watch Justin Timberlake Put His Face on Naked Women in ‘Tunnel Vision’ Video

So, to recap: Justin Timberlake famously threw himself back into music this year with his comeback single "Suit & Tie," which some derided as sounding…
Jordan Sargent / July 3, 2013

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding Welcome ‘Lesbian Wife’ to the Slack-Pop Party

Scott & Charlene's Wedding is the beauteous slack-pop project of one Craig Dermody, an Australian expat whose relocation to New York City has provided him…
Chris Martins / July 3, 2013

Watch Ghost B.C.’s Nameless Ghoul Give an Incredibly Polite Interview

So it turns out nameless ghouls are completely reasonable people if you just talk to them. Swedish doom-metal destroyers Ghost B.C. are known for their…
Chris Martins / July 3, 2013

Tinie Tempah Brags About His Banksy Collection With 2 Chainz on ‘Trampoline’

If you're lucky, you remember Tinie Tempah from "Pass Out," his fantastic debut single that went No. 1 abroad in 2011. If you're like most…
Jordan Sargent / July 3, 2013

Dance Tracks of the Week: Blondes Breathe New Life into Techno-Spelunking

Blondes Swisher (RVNG) Blondes' Sam Haar and Zach Steinman started out making chiming, chugging, not-quite-dance music poised somewhere between Krautrock and nu-disco, Smallville and Delorean.
Philip Sherburne / July 3, 2013

Annie Stays Meta on Dance-Pop Anthem ‘Back Together,’ Written by Little Boots

Sleek, electronic dance-pop that comments on itself โ€” but not, like, in an annoying way โ€” has been a good lane for Annie. Lovesick thumper…
Marc Hogan / July 3, 2013

Hear A$AP Ferg and A$AP Rocky Pay Homage to Dancehall Legend on Ominous ‘Shabba’

A$AP Ferg's debut mixtape Trap Lord has both a new release date and a new single: The first is August 20 and the second is "Shabba," which…
Jordan Sargent / July 3, 2013

Thom Yorke Gets Knocked Down, But He Gets Up Again

The guy who somehow makes gawky dance moves look smooth can also tumble like a champ. Thom Yorke's ability to shake his "Paranoid Android" booty…
Marc Hogan / July 3, 2013

Watch Beck Cover Michael Jackson, T. Rex, and the Velvet Underground Live in Paris

Beck performed last night in Paris as part of Festival Days Off, and he dipped into his formidable repertoire of covers, as you can see…
Marc Hogan / July 3, 2013
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