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Hear ForteBowie’s Retrofuturistic ‘Vice Haus Deluxe’

Atlanta's ForteBowie ends the intro to his new mixtape Vice Haus Deluxe (a widescreen version of February's Vice Haus EP) with a special message from…
Brandon Soderberg / September 10, 2013

Kanye West Won’t Be Upstaged, Even, Almost, by Charlie Wilson

Charlie Wilson stole the show from the young'uns during this summer's BET Awards 2013, and he almost would've done the same last night if not…
Marc Hogan / September 10, 2013

Hear BANKS’ Swooping Aaliyah Homage ‘This Is What It Feels Like’

BANKS is a singer from Los Angeles, but her approach to music — fusing the tempo and rumble of the U.K. bass scene to the…
Jordan Sargent / September 10, 2013

Stream TRAAMS’ Gleefully Grimy, Krautrock-Infused Debut ‘Grin’

Back in July, SPIN premiered "Flowers," a prickly combination of post-punk atmospherics and motorik propulsion from English trio TRAAMS. Now, we have the FatCat signees'
Kyle McGovern / September 10, 2013

Arcade Fire’s Official Anton-Corbijn-Directed ‘Reflektor’ Video Is Here, and It’s Shiny

Arcade Fire have released the official music video for their new "Reflektor" single. Despite hints that the song and clip wouldn't be revealed until 9 p.m.
Kyle McGovern / September 9, 2013

Watch Lorde Play Bon Iver, Chief Keef, and Kanye West in ‘Hold My Liquor’ Cover

Of course budding superstar Lorde is a Kanye West fan — the New Zealand native is 16 years old. So, yes, it's no surprise that when…
Jordan Sargent / September 9, 2013

How Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s Hologram Rescued Wu-Tang Clan’s Rock the Bells Disaster

Wu-Tang Clan's Sunday night performance at the Rock the Bells festival may have resurrected Ol' Dirty Bastard, but the gig ended with the hip-hop legends…
Kyle McGovern / September 9, 2013

Watch the Cannanes Head to the Pub in Charming ‘Not Camping Out’ Video

In a banner couple of years for Down Under indie pop, the O.G.s continue to hold their own. Strong records have arrived recently from Melbourne-reared…
Marc Hogan / September 9, 2013

Stream Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich’s Latest Mix for Rag & Bone

Thom Yorke and Atoms for Peace cohort/Radiohead collaborator Nigel Godrich have once again cut an exclusive mix for fashion line Rag & Bone. The Amok…
Kyle McGovern / September 9, 2013

Hear Arcade Fire’s Great ‘Reflektor’ While, Uh, Pointing Your Phone at Your Computer

Arcade Fire's "Reflektor" single has arrived in official, listenable form, and it's the same soaring, disco-conscious track that leaked over the weekend. As we await…
Marc Hogan / September 9, 2013

Naked Miley Cyrus Rides Balls, Licks Hammers in Terry Richardson’s ‘Wrecking Ball’ Video

Miley Cyrus' newest single "Wrecking Ball" is a break-up ballad that seems to consciously pull back from the tongue-in-your-face New Miley-ness of "We Can't Stop."
Jordan Sargent / September 9, 2013

Foxygen Drummer Shaun Fleming Weaves ‘Tale of a Dead Dog’ for Solo Debut as Diane Coffee

Shaun Fleming drums for Foxygen but he also records solo under the moniker of Diane Coffee, an alias that was born earlier this year after…
Kyle McGovern / September 9, 2013

Hear the Avalanches Plunge ‘Stalking to a Stranger’ Into a Disco Abyss

Little-heard-from Aussies the Avalanches unveiled a new track and music video over the weekend. No, the sample-savvy crew didn't share a piece of their long-awaited…
Kyle McGovern / September 9, 2013

Eminem’s Retro ‘Berzerk’ Video Fails to Take Its Own Advice

There's a respectable precedent for the Beasties-and-Billy Squier throwback nature of Eminem's chart-crashing "Berzerk." Killer Mike's El P-produced 2012 album R.A.P. Music was a "stunning…
Marc Hogan / September 9, 2013

Stream MGMT’s Synth-Wielding, Self-Titled Third Album Now

Here's your first listen to an album MGMT have suggested not everyone will be able to understand on first listen. (We certainly didn't. Read SPIN's…
Marc Hogan / September 9, 2013
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