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Twist Celebrate Self-Confidence on New Single ‘Can’t Wait’

Twist's lineup hasn't always been easy to pin down. Aside from the Toronto act's core members, singer-songwriter Laura Hermiston and Holy F**k’s Brian Borchedt, a number of artists…
Matt Malone / July 5, 2016

SPIN’s 7 Favorite Songs of the Week: Blood Orange, Dyke Drama, and More

Welcome to our weekly roundup of the SPIN staff’s favorite new songs. Below, sample the best from New York experimentalists, atmospheric R&B aficionados, and more.
SPIN Staff / July 1, 2016

Animal Collective’s Deakin Offers a Thwomping, Pristine Remix to Niagara’s ‘Hyperocean’

When focusing on their own work, Animal Collective have a unique tendency to conjure up all sorts of chaos around simple pop melodies. But when…
Matt Malone / June 30, 2016

Listen to Alcatraz Harry’s Hypnotic ‘Ode to Frankfurt’ Off Jackmaster’s ‘DJ Kicks’

Something about a bouncy instrumental can send you into a trance on the dance floor, especially when a song like "Ode to Frankfurt" by Alcatraz…
Maya Lewis / June 29, 2016

GØGGS Explore Los Angeles’ Seedy Underbelly on Raucous Debut LP

GØGGS — a.k.a. the super-trio of Ex-Cult vocalist Chris Shaw, lo-fi renaissance man Ty Segall, and Segall's Fuzz bandmate Charles Moothart's — have been planning a collaboration for three…
Rachel Brodsky / June 27, 2016

SPIN’s 7 Favorite Songs of the Week: The Avalanches, Portishead, and More

Welcome to our weekly roundup of the SPIN staff’s favorite new songs. Below, sample the best from resurfaced Australian dance heads, Southern guitar-slingers, and more.
SPIN Staff / June 24, 2016

Y La Bamba’s ‘Ostrich’ Takes on Heritage and Growth – But Not Flight

Ostriches might be flightless, but Mexifolk group  Y La Bamba's new track "Ostrich" is a soaring balance of tradition and evolution. The first single from their upcoming album, Ojos…
Maya Lewis / June 23, 2016

Field Mouse Can Only Remain Calm for So Long on ‘Out of Context’

"Out of Context," the final track on Field Mouse’s forthcoming record, is not your typical album closer. Lead singer Rachel Browne fights hard to stay level,…
Matt Malone / June 23, 2016

Drowse Composes His Own Mental ‘Break’ on New Single

Kyle Bates is the man behind shoegaze/drone project Drowse, whose new yolk-filled video "Break" marks the first single from his upcoming Memory Bed EP. After…
Matt Malone / June 22, 2016

White Sea Prepares for the Apocalypse on New Song ‘Ellipses’

What would you do if the apocalypse started on your lunch break? White Sea, the solo project of former M83 vocalist Morgan Kibby, thought long…
Maya Lewis / June 22, 2016

The Warlocks Summon Their Inner ‘Lonesome Bulldog’ on Bone-Chilling New Single

Veteran experimental psych-rock act the Warlocks' current lineup is out of hiding, and putting all of their skeletons on display with the heart-numbing first single…
Krista Caproni / June 21, 2016

iji Dreams of the ‘Summer of 2069′ on New Stream-of-Consciousness Song

iji (pronounced "eehee" and written in lowercase), the indie-rock band that sounds like they probably could have preformed at Woodstock, is making a simultaneous nod…
Maya Lewis / June 21, 2016

London Band Lull Make Classic Shoegaze New on ‘Nouvelle’ EP

While Lull's 2015 self-titled EP boasted its fair share of feedback and distortion-heavy riffs, the record was more or less typical for 2000s alt-rock: a dash of grunge…
Matt Malone / June 20, 2016

Kino Kimino Breathes New Hurt Into ‘Damn! I Wish I Was Your Lover’

Kino Kimino, the whimsical quirky brainchild of punk eccentric Kim Talon (with contributions from Lee Ranaldo and Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth), is mostly known…
Maya Lewis / June 17, 2016

FEA Single-Handedly Swing the Election With ‘Feminazi’ Music Video

Too bad about that whole election thing we were gearing up to have in November. Chicana punk band FEA are rendering the process moot with…
Andrew Unterberger / June 17, 2016

SPIN’s 7 Favorite Songs of the Week: Danny Brown, IAN SWEET, and More

Welcome to our weekly roundup of the SPIN staff’s favorite new songs. Below, sample the best from bombastic Detroit rappers, Pharrell-backed folk-pop singers, and more.
SPIN Staff / June 17, 2016

Bliss Out to Delorean’s Groovy Disco-Pop ‘Muzik’

Comparisons to Cut Copy, Hot Chip, and pretty much the entire DFA lineup have always been inevitable for the Barcelona-based quartet known as Delorean. The…
Matt Malone / June 16, 2016

Green Gerry’s ‘Mean Miracle’ Shines With Summer Frustration

According to Gerry Green himself, "Mean Miracle" is "all about that stinky summer light you can’t seem to shake that’s making you hot and sticky…
Matt Malone / June 15, 2016

PJ Brings the Heat on Summer Anthem-to-Be ‘Cold’

"All I need is a little time," PJ warns rather than pleads on her new single, "Cold." And it shouldn’t take much, given the material…
Krista Caproni / June 13, 2016

Gap Dream’s ‘College Music’ Is an Indie Luddite Anthem

The first single off Gabe Fulvimar's third LP can perhaps best be explained by the fact that the artist literally lives (and also records music) in a vinyl warehouse…
Matt Malone / June 13, 2016
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