Kate Nash Previews March LP ‘Girl Talk’ With Spiky Indie-Dance Gem ‘3AM’

Kate Nash is coming into her powers at just the right time. The keenly observant singer and songwriter's piano-based 2007 debut album, Made of Bricks, topped…
Marc Hogan / January 11, 2013

Hear Popstrangers’ Gorgeous Grunge-Gazer ‘What Else Could They Do’

The initial cacophony that announces the presence of Popstrangers' "What Else Could They Do" is a bit misleading. While we begin with the grit and…
Chris Martins / January 11, 2013

Ke$ha Quits Waitressing for Psychedelic-Furry Van Odyssey in Wild ‘C’mon’ Video

The number on Kesha Rose Sebert's waitressing time card is 420. The restaurant where she works is called Awful House. The furry-filled, avocado-colored '70s hippie…
Marc Hogan / January 11, 2013

Rave On: Miami Approves Ultra Music Festival’s Second Weekend

Never mind what Homer Simpson thinks; democracy works! And for once, it worked in the ravers' favor. The Miami City Commission voted yesterday to approve…
Philip Sherburne / January 11, 2013

Watch Jack White and Conan O’Brien Talk Some ‘Serious Jibber-Jabber’

Jack White and Conan O'Brien have a long history. The White Stripes played a four-night residency on O'Brien's Late Night show back in 2003 (the…
Kyle McGovern / January 10, 2013

Merchandise Share Itchy ‘Anxiety’s Door’ From New ‘Totale Night’ LP

Floridian noise-poppers and recent SPIN Breaking Out stars Merchandise are back with another one: the itchy seven-minute song "Anxiety's Door," the first sampling of the…
Chris Martins / January 10, 2013

Watch Alice in Chains’ ‘Hollow,’ an All-Too Familiar Sci-Fi Thriller

Seen Moon, Prometheus, and Event Horizon but always wondered what a six-minute, mid-budget mashup of those three sci-fi thrillers would look like? With a score designed by the grunge forefathers…
Chris Martins / January 10, 2013

Foxygen Seek Subway Pot-Smokers on Dylanesque ‘No Destruction’

The young dudes in Foxygen have an incredible knack for making old soul music. The Los Angeles-based duo's early experiments with nostalgia-tinged noise took glorious…
Chris Martins / January 10, 2013

Charli XCX Will Blow You Away in Gold Panda-Sampling ‘You (Ha Ha Ha)’ Video

Sample-tweaking cloud-rave beatmakers have a sense of humor, too. Charli XCX samples British electronic producer Gold Panda's "You" on her latest single, "You (Ha Ha…
Marc Hogan / January 10, 2013

Justin Timberlake is ‘Ready’ to Release His New Album

It looks like the worst-kept secret in music is finally officially out: Justin Timberlake has plans to release his long-awaited, still untitled third album, the…
Chris Martins / January 10, 2013

Mac DeMarco Dresses Up as Mozart, Smokes, and Gets Slimed in ‘Dreamin’ Video

Mac DeMarco's second album for the Captured Tracks label, last year's unhelpfully titled 2, was just the type of head-scratching yet slyly rewarding record that tends…
Marc Hogan / January 10, 2013

How to Destroy Angels ‘Welcome Oblivion,’ and New LP, With Tape-Mangling Video

When one circle closes, another begins. Which we think means Trent Reznor's How to Destroy Angels project must be some kind of Möbius strip. In any…
Marc Hogan / January 10, 2013

Goat Announce First U.S. Tour Dates, Drop Mixtape of Afro-Rock and Black Metal

Fresh off making one of SPIN's 50 Best Albums of 2012, Swedish Afrobeat-metal enigmas Goat are finally bringing their krauty, trancey, ritualistic World Music to…
Christopher R. Weingarten / January 10, 2013

A$AP Rocky Raps About Florence Welch’s ‘Left Titty’ on Booming ‘I Come Apart’

A$AP Rocky and Florence Welch. Those aren't two names you'd instantly associate with each other on paper, but the New York rapper and the British…
Marc Hogan / January 10, 2013

Hear the Lovely Bad Things’ Surf-Spackled, Pixies-Informed ‘Fried Eyes’

If Pixies were Los Angeles surf punks instead of Boston smartypantses, they might've sounded a lot like the Lovely Bad Things. The boy-girl vocal exchange…
Chris Martins / January 10, 2013

‘Footloose’ in Miami: Could City Commission Cancel Ultra’s Second Weekend?

When Miami's Ultra Music Festival announced in October that its 2013 edition would take place over two consecutive weekends in March, it was greeted as…
Philip Sherburne / January 10, 2013

Widowspeak Offer Slippery Psych-Folk on ‘Thick as Thieves’

As we inch ever closer to the release of Widowspeak's second Captured Tracks album, Almanac, we get yet another angle on the Brooklyn-based dream-pop outfit.
Chris Martins / January 9, 2013

Watch the Soft Moon Freak Out in Harrowing ‘Die Life’ Video

The Soft Moon may have began as the bedroom project of San Francisco's Juan Velasquez — a producer's melding of bleak Morricone-style film music and…
Chris Martins / January 9, 2013

Rap Release of the Week: Young Scooter’s ‘Street Lottery’

Some rappers, who are content to turn their lives into superhero-gone-Tarantino tales of being down and out, then find success and enact hater retribution. And…
Brandon Soderberg / January 9, 2013

Avicii’s Brazen New Trick to Beat Writer’s Block

You're Avicii. You're responsible for one of the biggest dance-pop crossover hits of the past two years, "Levels," with 56 million YouTube plays (and counting).
Philip Sherburne / January 9, 2013
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